Weekly Angel Card November 15, 2015

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Contemplation Time This angel card is perfect after the horrific events in Paris on Friday. I did what I do - stay away from the media, prayed and asked God for assistance, grace and mercy for the people of Paris and our planet. We simply MUST do better as humans. If religion makes you so hateful that the only way you can express yourself is to kill others, then the only religion you are practicing is HATRED. God will never require the death of another for any reason, least of all to please God. Any God that does is a false god, perpetrated by hateful, bigoted and ignorant people. For those of us struggling to walk the path of light and love, Friday was an aberation that should never be tolerated or justified. As a warrior, I am ready to see the totality of militants in EVERY religion to be eradicated from this earth. A perfect solution is to put all the radicals together - the Muslims, the Christians, the end of timers. Let them fight their battles among theirselves and leave the rest of us alone. Rant over. angel card Contemplation I do appreciate the timing of this angel card to offer a means to reflect on what is going on in our world. Many people just don't care about others. If you do, your heart is breaking right now. Please know that LIGHT is on the way, that Love will always win. That the times promised are almost at hand. Hang in there. I have been participating in the Deepak and Oprah 21 day meditation since November 2, 2015. You still have time to signup. The theme is "BELIEF" and it is quite fitting this week. Change your beliefs, change your mind, change your heart, change your life. The choose is up to you. Sign up at The Chopra Meditation Experience! See you there and then! Thanks for reading the angel card of the week. Namaste - The God in Me Honors the God In You!