Weekly Angel Card November 1, 2015

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue PLAY TIME! Just in time, before the holiday madness begins we get the angel card Play Time! Play Time asks us to stop, breathe, exhale and just chill for a while. Step away from the stress of your life, from the small and petty challenges and people whose only purpose is to get on your nerves. Let that ALL GO! It is time to relax and let yourself have some fun! You have been working hard, and if you have been reading my weekly angel card, I know that for truth! angel card Play Time Mermaid and Dolphins This angel card implores you to begin spending time enjoying life's little pleasures. Dedicated play time will expand your mind and open your heart to new possibilities. One of the reasons children need play is to let their imagination explore the world thus discovering new things and ways of being. Play does the same for adults, but often as adults we are chided and ridiculed for wanting to play. Playing invites joy into your life. Just imagine that impromptu game of touch football, or cards. Charades anyone? One of my all time favorites is Taboo. Set up a monthly game night. Just a night when the adults get to relax and have some fun. With the holidays fast approaching, this is the best time to begin a new habit. Don't wait for January. Start playing today! Thanks for reading the angel card of the week. Have Fun! Namaste