Weekly Angel Card - October 25, 2015

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue EmPowerment This week's angel card is Empowerment. The message is that YOU are more powerful than you can imagine or believe. What is stopping you? What do you "believe" is holding you back? If your beliefs have the ability to hold you back, then confidence in your abilities, gifts and talents will ensure your victory in every situation. Empowerment Angel Card You have abilities that you have chosen not to access. You believe you are not good enough or you don't believe your talents and gifts are real. Wake UP! All are needed, that includes you! We need your gifts, talents and abilities to help create a just and fair world for each of us. Just think of it like this. Who are you to block the blessings gifted to you by God? Why would you do so? Who benefits from you "being small?" You are not a victim. Release blame and those you associate with failure, betrayal or abandonment. The past is the past. It cannot be changed, nor will dwelling on it improve your life, UNLESS you have learned the lessons from those situations. Release what no longer serves you and move on! YOU are amazing and talented. This angel card says step INTO your power! You will have an opportunity this week to prove this is truth. What will your response be? The affirmation included with this card is: "It is safe for me to be powerful! I Accept my God-given power to be used in the service of Light and Love." Please share any shifts or opportunities presented to you this week with us. You have no idea who you may help because my angel cards are read even after the week has passed. Thanks for reading and sharing the angel card of the week! You are Powerful and Amazing!