Weekly Angel Card October 9, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Explore Your Options The angel card of the week asks you to review and possibly revise ALL your options. angel card explore your options Do not limit your opportunities by ignoring insights and whispered messages. Pay attention and be open to everything you hear, see and intuit. God works in mysterious and quiet ways. Angels whisper, when they have to shout there is danger or heartache involved. We all want to avoid those things, right? As you explore your options, include those you don't feel particularly drawn to. They may lead to a path of unexpected fortune, good luck or new relationships. It is when we get OUT of our comfort zone that real growth occurs. When you are willing to receive information without judgment, with your heart and mind open, your path widens considerably. Like water, intuition also takes the path of least resistance. You may resist a message sent in a particular way, but then you will hear a song on the radio with the exact same message. Stay observant as you actively Explore your Options. Your possibilities are endless. It is a great time to make a change! Thanks for reading the angel card of the week. God Bless and keep you and yours, today and always.