Weekly Angel Card October 4, 2015

Romance Angels by:Doreen Virtue Love YourSelf First The cherubs are back and the message of this angel card is unmistakable. No matter how much you want something or someone, receiving your desired result is in direct correlation to how you love yourself. This is a Romance Angel Card, but in order to receive, you must be open to just BE, with you without fear, shame or anxiety. Loving yourself is a requirement to achieve most goals. What often occurs after a long desired goal is reached is after the jubilation comes the let down. Most of the time, the let down has nothing to do with the actual "achievement" and everything to do with how we view, see and love ourselves. We have been working on various aspects of manifestation. We have explored using music, setting our sights higher and the lovely energy of synchronicity. Yet, this week the angels call our attention to the one thing they only we control. While we can call upon our angels to assist us, we must facilitate and champion "Loving Ourselves First." romance angel card, Self love is not selfish or self centered. You can feel the difference within your body and spirit. Selfishness is what you seek for you alone. Self centeredness is a "Hey,Look at Me!" kind of energy. Loving yourself means you establish and honor your boundaries. Loving yourself means you do not allow another to question how you choose to live your life (a life of doing no harm to others). Loving yourself means you respond in loving ways to "Why do you charge so much for your services?" A not so loving way to respond is "Because I am WORTH it!" ala L'oreal; most folks resent that as a response (trust me). Loving yourself means not allowing a partner to disrespect you, cross boundaries or force ultimatums upon you in order to "be" in a relationship with them. You are a grown ass adult, YOU get to call the shots as long as your shot calling is done from a space of love and empowerment. The other romantic message of this angel card is for you to take a contemplative and reflective view of your current and past love life. What have you learned? Leave behind the pain and anguish but remember the love and he lessons! Thank you so much for reading the angel card of the week.