Weekly Angel Card September 20, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue SET Your Sights Higher! Off to the races! Following Music for Manifesting, I drew Set YOUR Sights Higher as this week's angel card. Just imagine that what you have been working to manifests becomes your reality. What ARE you manifesting? Why? Is is worthy of your time and energy? Do you deserve MORE? angel card, set your sights higher This angel card says YOU deserve more, so dream bigger and set your sights higher. Don't settle for less than you deserve, ask for more. There is a saying when you reach for the stars, you have a better chance to hit the moon (or something along that line). Know that you deserve all the things you wish - that heaven and God are on your side. The universe does conspire in your (and my) favor.

Accept it, Believe it. RECEIVE IT!

Use this week to raise your standards. The standard can apply to your job, your beloved, your friendships, whatever you have chosen to settle for - kick that shit out the door and seek more! You CAN Do This - You can have the dreams and desires of your heart. What are you afraid of? What is the worst that can happen? I often have been chided for asking people to assist me in the most outrageous ways. What is the worst that can happen? They can say NO and I am still where I was before I asked. OR, they can say YES, and I am closer to what my goal is. Take every opportunity this week to Say YES to yourself. You deserve it. This angel card says God and the universe want you to want more - for you! Thanks for reading the angel card of the week. Be of good courage. Go and get yours! Namaste