Weekly Angel Card August 29, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Blessed CHANGE! This week's angel card advises that no matter how your current situation appears, you will in a better place when this is over. If you have been paying attention, you understand that life is constant change. Without change, life stagnants and gets stinky like swamp water. We are and deserve more than that. Don't fear or resist change, because like flowing water, it will find a way to move past your obstacles. Embrace the changes that come your way with grace, hope and endless gratitude for joy is a coming! Change assists you in releasing that which no longer serves you. You have learned important spiritual lessons, now is the time to release those "teachers" and move forward, without regrets or recriminations. Affirm often "I welcome Divinely inspired change and I stay centered in the eye of the hurricane as change occurs around and within me. All change is for my highest good. I know that love is stable and always provides for me and my loved ones - no matter what our outer situations appear to be." angel card, Blessed Change A blessed change ushers in new opportunities to learn, grow, prosper and create new relationships. The key is to keep breathing and enjoy what the angels bring. If you feel pushed toward accepting new responsiblities, know you are ready and qualified to handle what comes your way. Go forth and prosper! Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. It is an amazing card to pull, one that invites reflection and appreciation for all that was, is, and will be. The angels thank you for being open to receiving the message of angel card of the week!