Weekly Angel Card August 25, 2014

Here is the weekly Angel Card for August 25, 2014. Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 9 of FIRE! I call the 9 of Fire the card of hope. This card states that even when things look darkest, trust that your hard work and intuition are correct. Now is not the time to fold, now is the time to fight and protect what you have created and worked for. Fight for what you believe is possible, protect for your right to dignity and respect, fight to hold on to the things that you hold dear in your heart. angel card 9 of fire Understand what is right and true and do not allow others to dissuade you from your chosen path. You have put a lot of work and energy into this situation. Do not allow false fears to let it slip away. As a caveat, I add this NEVER applies to abusive relationships. NOT EVER! That kind of relationship respects neither your person, your spirit nor your dignity. You possess both the wisdom and stamina to wrap this situation up in a winning fashion. Remain open to assistance and viewpoints of others. Include, don't exclude. Compromise and allow others to help you. You have got this! Act accordingly. Have a fabulous week. Thank you for reading the Weekly Angel Card! Namaste