Weekly Angel Card August 18, 2014

Weekly Angel Card August 18, 2014 Angel Tarot by: Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine #21 The World - ArchAngel Michael The angel card of the week is The World. What do you think of when you hear The World? What feeling does giving you The World evoke? The Angels sent this card as proof that hard work, dedication, persistence, and yes patience really do pay off. angel card The World The World is the angel card that symbolizes the joyous completion of a long desired goal. Congratulations on a job well done! Give yourself a pat on the back for your accomplishments. You have grown spiritually, evolving to a new level of understanding how our Universe works. Your expanded vision includes more joy and increased gratitude for all the world has to offer. This card can also indicate a new job, house or new levels of awareness. Also indicated are achieving the ability to complete clarity and cosmic awareness. ArchAngel Michael oversees your divine life purpose – the purpose you agreed to upon your birth. You have specific goals to attain – call upon ArchAngel Michael to help guide you on your divine path. Thank you God for my angels! Thank you for reading the weekly angel card. Namaste