Weekly Angel Card August 14, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Angel Tarot by:Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine #20 Renewal Ths week's angel card is #20 Renewal. Upon 1st glance, I thought "Judgement" and racked my brain to remember which card this reflects in the Tarot. Guess what? It IS the Judgement card! angel card, angel tarot #20 Renewal There were a few angel tarot cards where the name was changed to reflect a gentler message. However, in this case, the message is the same. It is reckoning time. This does not have to be negative. It offers a reflective review on what has occurred for you this month, this summer or this year. Does your current path reflect where you intended to go? Have you wandered off course and need a correction? How have you treated YOU? Review and evaluation is crucial in most life decisions. One must balance what they want with where they are and determine if your current path gets you There. On the other hand, the sword of justice cuts both ways. There may be one or several favorable outcomes for projects begun a while ago. Or, this may be a crossroad, a decision to start something anew. In any event, this is the angel card of self evaluation. Call upon ArchAngel Jeremiel to assist you with any questions or decision you must make. Trust yourself and your angels. It is why they are here! Thank you for reading this week's angel card. Have a wonderful week!