Weekly Angel Card April 10, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Angel Tarot by:Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 6 of Air The Air cards are represented by the ethereal unicorns. Air represents mental activities, intellect, situations and decisions. Tarot Air (like the air signs) align with truth, justice, the legal system and most importantly, communication. This card shows a triumphant unicorn, leading the pack. He moving forward, on a boat, with his herd not far behind. This card breathes movement, and movement is what you now have. Like the wind blows, change is a coming! Get excited that you can finally, FINALLY see the light at the end of tunnel. The energies of the last few months have been intense. If you are a sensitive person, it has been an onslaught. Relentless and never ending. The energies are now lightening up, the new, softer feminine energies are asserting themselves. It is time to exhale, breath, exhale and be grateful. angel card, angel tarot, 6 of Air The winds of change are blowing, a favorable wind for you and for me. Exalt in the grace you displayed, the strength and the courage. You Did It! Now, at the breaking of spring is the perfect time to initiate the changes you desire in your life. This angel card says reach out, embrace and hold tight to the "new" that is available in changing your relationships, your career, your home and most importantly, your outlook. So, what are you waiting for? Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. May the message inspire you to utilize the energies of the new moon to improve your situation and keep moving forward. The message I share via the weekly angel card is to help ease your path. May your week be blessed and graced by abundance.