Weekly Angel Card - March 20, 2016

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Helpful Person This week's angel card advises that help is available for you, right now. You do yourself and others a disservice when you do not request or accept help, when it is needed or offered. On our path, there will always be situations that can use the help of an another person. This angel card tells you to stop blocking your blessings and utilize the assistance that is around you. What do you have to lose? All another person can say is YES or NO! angel card, helpful person There are many people on the spiritual path who are givers, but how many are grateful receivers? Strength is not found in refusing to ask for assistance, that is Pride and EGO. Both pride and ego have their place when your life is working for you. When you need assistance and are not seeking it, they work to block your blessings. We are all here to help, assist and support each other. In order for the complete flow of life to continue, there must be both giving and receiving. It is a circular motion that infuses gratitude into our world. You are grateful when someone helps you and that person is often just as grateful that you allowed them to assist. Do you see? God's angels surround you to assist at a moment's notice. They can bring you a solution to every issue, but you must be open to receive their guidance. God does answer prayers, are you listening? When you feel alone, it is not because you ARE alone, but because you have not accessed the power and love that surrounds you. It takes an open heart to admit that assistance is needed, but when you do, your angels will rush to guide you. Helpful person is one of my favorite angel cards to pull. I use this during the week to think of WHO is willing to help me with WHAT? Think about your situation this week and reach out to the people you feel can offer assistance. Than just ASK! Today's angel card says the answer will be a YES or a NO. When it is yes, you have achieved your desired outcome, when it is a NO, just keep it moving forward. You will think of another person. Trust and Believe! Thank you for reading this week's angel card. I wish you an amazing week, filled with helpful people!