Anchoring of The Feminine Divine

In early April, I had a pretty intense healing session with Jean Rockefeller (Jack the Watcher). Jean advised that part of the challenges of the current energies is how your body must adjust or re-calibrate. I equate it to the GPS - recalculating. Saturday morning about 3am, I started getting heart palpitations. After I ruled out indigestion I considered what could possibly be “recalculating” at this time. It finally dawned on me what the something could be. It was Mother’s Day. The global acknowledgement of the Feminine Divine. Gaia, in her ultimate wisdom used the one day of the year that focuses on the most feminine gift of all – the gift of life. This Mother's Day Weekend, a definitive anchoring of the Feminine Divine our planet so dearly needs was accomplished. No matter who we are, what our status, income, race, creed or color, WE all have a mother. MOM is a universal language defined by love. I could not identify exactly what I was trying to remember from Saturday night. However, as soon as I opened my eyes later that morning I knew. Thank you Gaia for using this Mother’s Day to increase the anchoring and opening of each heart on the planet to the wisdom and guidance of the Feminine Divine. Belated Blessings to all Mom’s, whether you have a child or not. As females, our hearts beat to nurture, our arms are here to sooth, comfort and love and our souls are reaching for true peace on earth. Thank you Mom’s one and all! Namastefeminine divine ATTRIBUTE: