An Answer to the Post of 9/19/11

Hello, As usual, when you put a question out into the universe, you get an answer-from several different sources. All the messages were the same in response to my post of September 19, 2001. That post was actually WRITTEN the first week of September.

Believe you have access to ALL YOUR QUESTIONS. YOU must take the initiative TO ASK!

Thanks for reading!


By Neale Donald Walsh

On this day of your life, Michelle, I believe God wants you to know...

...that patience, above all else, is what is needed right now. Do not let anxiousness or frustration take over. 

Conditions on the exterior of your experience will

change, but your highest benefit will be achieved when

conditions in your interior remain the same. Hold to

your inner peace. Reclaim your identity. Trust your

higher wisdom. Look to the grander vision.

Do not agitate for a decision right now, nor seek an

immediate solution. Do not wish for an end to things as

they are. That end will come. Yet let it arrive naturally.

Do not push the river. Wait. The Right Time is at hand,

and resolution of this difficulty is on its way.

Love, Your Friend....