An Angel in the Sky

It is not often we get to actually see an angel. After all, we are only human and often, even when we SEE, we refuse to believe. If you have checked out my spiritual support page, you will note I have a newsletter listed call The Gentle Way. It was this newsletter that received many requests for verification of the picture I am sharing. When I saw the picture I knew it was an actual angel. What else could hold that amazing white light in the center, surrounded by the pink light of love for one and all? The picture is truly awe inspiring. Keep believing in angels. They exist, they are real. I will include just a bit of the answer from Tom Moore's newsletter. angel, angel over Palm Beach ANGEL CLOUD OVER PALM BEACH Pam writes: I expect you are getting lots of messages about "that angel cloud" that was seen over Palm Beach, Florida the other day! Any information? All the best and keep up the good work! Multiple pictures here "Gaia, was the angel-shaped cloud over Palm Springs real or photoshopped?" "It was real, Tom. One of whom I’ll call the cloud souls who love to do that work with an artistic bent formed it. "So it was not photoshopped?" "Not in this instance, Tom." If you are so inclined, you may wish to read the remaining information regarding this angel "showing" for yourself. Please check out Tom's newsletter, you may learn a new thing or two! Thanks for reading! Much love, Michelle