All Saint's Day!

Hello, Today is All Saint's Day. While I am not Catholic, I do believe in the power, love and guidance of ALL Saint's. Please use today to reach out to your favorite saint in thanksgiving and for some needed guidance or intercession.

This is from Ellen Whitehurst- Daily Fung Shui by Village Astrology. Her link is on the creative link page.

Thanks for reading! May the Saints bless you and yours!


Here's an oldie but goodie on this 'All Saint's Day,' a day to remember all the Christian faithful, both known and unknown. It's a traditional practice for Christians to reflect on the lives and examples of the saints in order to become more holy, justified and sinless ourselves. We are also encouraged to invoke the intercession of certain saints in order to improve our own lot in life. Now, I have it on personal experience that there is one saint who can expedite an exponential boost to your bottom line. According to author Manuella Mascetti, it is actually Saint Expedite who brings more cash and coin when called upon. Mascetti says that in order to never go without you must keep an image of Saint Expedite along with some coins at the bottom of any drawer. You must be sure to always have at least one coin offered in gratitude to this saint. Invoke the intercession of Saint Expedite three times and then state your money case while asking for his strength and support. Ask him to help you find enough income so that you'll never have to worry about money again. Then, once you find financial relief, you can thank this saint by giving money to a child, an elderly person or a pregnant woman. Known to be the 'Bringer of Money,' Expedite will, well, expedite your own largesse. Soon enough, you'll be livin' large too!

I have also included a picture of Saint Expediate!