Angel Card of the Week - June 9, 2014

Mermaid and Dolphins Soulmate Relationship The Angel Card of the Week is Soulmate Relationship. A soulmate relationship is any relationship where your partner has agreed to work with you on a soul level to raise the consciousness of both parties involved. This card is all about love and the Great Romance! Angel Cards identify areas in our lives where growth is indicated. Relationships present our most challenging and rewarding opportunities for growth. Double that for romantic relationships. This angel card is simply beautiful. Dolphins are one of the most spiritual animals left on the planet. The grace and emotion this card evokes IS one of romance, but every relationship where you can both grow and flow offers this opportunity. Be aware this week of all the opportunities presented you to explore a new relationship. No telling what is available, right here and right now. Go for it! Have a most blessed week! Namaste