About Michelle-A Fellow Spiritual Gardener!


Hello Fellow Spiritual Gardeners! Please don't feel I even think I have all the answers. What I DO know is ALL the answers are available if you are sincere in seeking them within. Very difficult and sometimes frightening, know that you are always protected it that is your desire. Ask for help. Thank God EVERY day for being. Good or bad, things have a way of working out for the best.

Last year was brutal for me personally. My health challenged me in a way I have never (nor ever) wish to see again. I was very close to death and would have left this earth had that been the plan. I am still here, humbled and ready to do my part.

So, I am Michelle and in my mid 50's (but think I am much younger)!  I am gaining strength, but no where near being 100% of my "self". Still a work in progress.  I started doing spiritual readings last year which were very well received. However, could not maintain while ill. Too much of a drain on my energy. So, let that go for the moment. Have always been "on the spiritual path", though I thought I had gotten off a time or two.  Have been informed I never left the path, just got to express my free will as I saw fit.  That said, I have always been and felt divinely protected. So my eternal gratitude to Mother and Father God, my angels (who have been tested to no end), my spiritual guides and family. Thank you to all

We are all on this journey. We you end up is pretty much up to you. So, are you willing to do some soul searching, much weeding and discarding of all that no longer fits the new you. It is time to dig in, dig up and release. If something no longer vibrates with you- get rid of it. The "it" can be relationships, jobs, or material possessions. This is a time of letting go, release to let someone else enjoy.  Lighten your own load before you seek to help others.

Join us! We welcome your active participation.

Be all in the light-

Much love