A Timely Message from Jack the Watcher

Sometimes a message will come my way that confirms and solidifies every single thing I have been working on releasing this year. This message from Jack is that kind of message. As with all that I share, please read (and re-read) if it resonates with you, then it is for you. If the message does not sing to your spirit, it is not because the message has no value, but your spirit is not yet ready to listen/hear/see what this messenger has to offer. No judgement ever. But please, do as I have done for decades. Never discard information not pertinent in the moment. Some messages are not meant for NOW, they are meant for Later! Enjoy and thanks for reading! Namaste Jack The Watcher - FB by Jean Rockefeller On Friday December 13, 2013 the Watchers released into the Earth a pulse of energy that was directly intended to help heal the fear of scarcity for all Kingdoms of Creation. This energy was released, under direction of the Highest of the High, 707 years and 2 months (in linear time) after the Knights Templar were rounded up en masse on Friday October 13, 1307. By removing the Knights Templar, King Philippe the Fair, removed from this planet the Protectors and the Guardians of the Divine Feminine, killing humanity's ability to remember her Divinity. Had the Templars been allowed to continue their mission, we would have a New World Order and not the New World Order that has been bastardized and controlled by the illuminati. This energy pulse was directly intended to help heal that event. Had that event not occurred in 1307, this world would be very a very different place indeed. Everything changed in that moment so long ago but so did it too change on Friday, December 13, 2013. The energy that was released on December 13 can not be simplistically explained but the predominate energy was the Divine Feminine. In addition, an energy designated to heal the fear of scarcity as well as the energy of betrayal was also included. If you wish to continue reading this enlightening Message from Jack the Watcher, please click HERE!