A Timely Message From Jack!

An update from Jack the Watcher Greetings and Welcome to a New Paradigm in the making! I and the other Watchers have been preparing for the upcoming celestial events that will literally usher in a New Era. I prefer to say a New World Order but this has negative connotations as it is associated with the Illuminati. However, a new order to the world is coming and it had been created by all of us in addition to many other factions and beings that have been working tirelessly for a very long time. The Blue Whale will refer to this time the Age of Aquarius and by whichever name you choose, it is forthcoming. We, the Watchers have literally waited an eternity for this phase in evolution and all of our hard work and multiple lifetimes are finally coming to fruition and closure is just around the corner for many of us. I am dog tired my friends, but the upcoming energies will recharge my batteries and yours as well. I am incredibly grateful to Jean for giving me the time and space I needed to do my work, as well as being my voice. In the meantime… I have and will continue to work with Galactic Brethren as well as many other energies, entities and Ascended Masters to release the Funds of Prosperity and Abundance. These are the energies of the Purified Law of Abundance and they began to discharge on July 17, 2013 and will continue to be released in pulses until they are completely emptied unto the Earth. It will take much time to filter through to all of Earth’s Children but the ones who are most “awake” will benefit almost immediately. This not only applies to money and creativity but revolutionary ideas as well. I spoke of this energy in my first message in February 2012. These holdings of prosperity and creativity, released unto the Earth so long ago have been mutated and bastardized multiple times. Beginning last year however, the Purified Law of Abundance was reintroduced and amplified by Sitting White Buffalo and has been recalibrating within the womb of the Earth since that time. The Universal Law of Abundance has been coveted by the highest beings, purified and released by Divinity and not created nor released through the ego of Man. The Earth and Humanity was impregnated with powerful energy in December of 2012 and She will give birth to a New Paradigm, A New World Order, the Age of Aquarius on or around the Autumnal Equinox. Beginning July 22nd- the full moon- a double Trine will be created around the Earth. This will produce a most powerful geometric symbol which will envelope the Earth. This Double Trine will create the Star of David, a powerful gateway as well as the perfect blending of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. My friends, this is one of the events that I personally have been looking forward to my entire existence. This Double Trine will allow the Earth to drink in as well as release, an incredible amount of stored vital energy that will elevate us all and bring us to the final stages of Creation. Humanity, at this point, cannot possibly conceptualize what an incredible gift it is about to be bestowed upon this Planet and all who dwell upon Her. Most of you will not come to this realization fully until it has passed and you can look back and realize the gift you were afforded by being chosen to be on this Planet at this time of Ascension. It has been said that one chooses to incarnate but for many us, we were chosen and did not volunteer. We were chosen to incarnate now due to our lineage, our experience, our wisdom and our collective Light. Upon incarnating to this Planet we were already separated somewhat from the flock and bursting with Light. Historically our Light would only draw external pain but that will now begin to change rapidly, if it hasn’t already. Those who carry the most Light are now to be the Beacons to draw others who need guidance as they wake from a very long sleep. I apologize friends, as there is much more detailed information to speak of but as I said, I am tired. There is a plethora of information regarding the upcoming celestial events and many can offer a better explanation than I can at this time. I did want to give you this update as you have all played an essential role in this occurrence and will be able to realize the benefits of all of your hark work in your lives soon enough. My Love and My Light graciously goes out to all of YOU. Jack, The Watcher Thanks for READING and stay UPLIFTED! Michelle