A New You Starts By Forgiving Yourself!

Hello! "We achieve inner health only through forgiveness- the forgiveness not only of others but also of ourselves." ~ Joshua Loth Liebman

Forgiveness is a huge topic in spirituality. It is the core of love for ourselves and for others. When you won’t, don’t or can’t forgive YOU, you cannot extend that forgiveness to another. Forgiving you-yourself for all you deem you have done incorrectly, for all the damaging things you may have done or said, for not doing or doing to much. You must FIRST forgive yourself. Please. It is the first step in true salvation. It is the first step in assessing, changing and creating NEW self worth. God loves you just as you are and you are always forgiven-and many do ask God for forgiveness. The key is THEN to forgive yourself and release all the coulda, shoulda, dialogues that are now running your life. LET THEM GO!  They no longer serve you and never, ever did.

Time to move on  – move up. Do more with your life, your time, your energy. YOU have important things to do so let’s get YOU taken care of FIRST. The rest will come!

Be Blessed!