A NEW Message from Jack and the Watchers!

All weekend, I thought about Jean and Jack the Watcher (as well as Murphy Leigh). Since we had a major snowstorm, I really hung out, ate, slept and watched TV - all weekend long (to my shame). Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened my email today to see that a new message had been posted from Jean, Jack and the Watchers! YEAH! Just what I needed and was looking for. I will put a bit on this post, if YOU are interested, please hit the link and finish reading. The message is for you, if you are willing to open your heart and mind to HEAR! Energy Infusion by: Jean Rockefeller, Jack and the Watchers Here's Jack... Soon Humanity will be able to see their world with their eyes wide open and what a wondrous sight they shall see. Jack the Watcher www.JeanRockefeller.com It is now time for me to reiterate that All of the messages that the Watchers share and have shared are infused with energy matrices. All words, pictures and punctuation are purposeful and placed with intent. The duration of the message is the linear time needed to release the energy infused within the words. To finish this amazing and timely post, please visit Jack's blog. Thanks in advance for listening to your spirit!