A Most Benevolent Outcome

Hello, I have shared some info on using Most Benevolent Outcome requests to your angels for assistance with any problems or concerns you may have. The MBO guru is Tom T. Moore and he calls it "The Gentle Way" his link is on my spiritual links page or you can go directly to his site from here.

So, I have been instructed to SHARE my MBO, and a pretty amazing story it is.

The week of November 11, I needed (and still do) painting done per my insurance company. Having a limited budget for paint, and having researched the prices for exterior paint especially- off we went.

Here was my EXACT MBO- Most Benevolent Outcome request: " I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for finding BLACK, FLAT, EXTERIOR Paint that fits my current very SMALL budget ($20 borrowed dollars + a little more).

We made various stops at places to  look at kitchens (my next dream project), bathrooms and lots of other stuff from places in Baltimore that offer these things on consignment. Quite a lot of goodies I now have in mind!

Anyway, I still needed paint. We went to Home Depot (not my store of choice mind you). When I spoke with the paint master, I advised him that I was looking for FLAT black exterior paint. AND I was on a very limited budget. Bear in mind, my thought was I could get 1 gallon of paint at the most. I did have some money, just had the extra $20- just in case.

Well, he said something about paint on sale (which of course I did not see), walked over and found the paint. Yup, on sale at $11 per gallon. Not out of the woods yet. I had "requested" flat BLACK paint. That needed a specif "ending" number to ensure there was enough room in the can to add the black tint.  So, I went back to check- Now I am getting excited! I found one can with the correct number and for $11 I was going to get 2 CANS! Whoopeeeeeee! Found the other can, and he added the tint. To top that all off, the paint was Martha Stewart.

I laughed all the way home. Not only did I get my MBO-RECEIVED, it was EXACTLY what I had requested, doubled down even.

You can get exactly what YOU want. You (and I) just need to let go of the NEED to control HOW the good stuff gets to us. Much  more fun. I love surprises and am willing to get surprised each and every day.

Thank you my angels for the HUGE reminder.

Thank YOU for reading! Be Blessed.