A Message of Unity in Verse and Song!

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TO MY SON, ARNIM!!!! Please pass along these powerful songs with a message. We have received over One Million views. There is no better song on the radio with a genuine message like the 2 songs below for our nation. Please click and listen to the songs listed below. Do this for and in UNITY for our Nation and our world. Take some time to please help to pass these 2 world tributes for Barack Obama for unity in our nation. These classic world class singles are being sung by former group member Parks Stewart from the Grammy nominated group Commission. The first single “We’re Moving Forward” is a classic of the old Negro spiritual Wade in the Water that we rearranged by putting history on top of history including Barack Obama in the main chorus. WE"RE MOVING FORWARD Then please look at the 2nd single from the album A New Beginning is called: I Believe in Unity Please share with your family and friends in the name of UNITY! This post is taken from a comment from George Whitfield. See the rest of his comment below. Thanks for reading, listening and SHARING! NOW is the time for UNITY. If you are reading this, you have been called to action. Will YOU heed the call? Michelle I have taken some time away from my business Dirt Clerk Products to show my true dedication and commitment to help bring more UNITY to our world. By helping our great president, Barack Obama achieve the goals of “Unity” will help him succeed. We know as a nation that this president will never achieve these goals without both of the parties, Republican and Democrat and all races working together. Please again click these 2 most powerful songs for our nation. I swear you have not heard anything out now on the radio with a more powerful message via song. Please email me (I have deleted his EMAIL address in the name of privacy. I will be happy to share if you would like to contact this gentleman. PLEASE use the Contact Michelle FORM)! These songs will touch our nation with a positive message for what Barack Obama is trying to do and get across to both believers and non-believers of our great country. THANK YOU SO MUCH! GEORGE WHITFIELD 313-729-7243 COPAID/DIRTCLERK PRODUCT PRESIDENT http://WWW.DIRTCLERK.COM