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This is a very long message from Ms. Ruth Ryden and the Masters of Light. Normally, I would give you a sample of the message, and the link to Yahoo Groups. However, the group message is a little funky, with lots of extra characters (?). So, am including message in its entirety. Thanks for taking the TIME to READ! Michelle NEWSLETTER #131 FROM RUTH AND THE MASTERS OF LIGHT AUGUST, 2013

Good Morning my Dear Readers! First of all, thanks to all of you who have written, called and sent e-mails during the last difficult months – can’t tell you how much that has meant to me. Yahoo is still turning cartwheels, but at least getting the messages through. However, if you have tried to answer something of mine by piggy-backing your message, Yahoo may have added a “y” or an”i” into my e-mail address which caused them to throw the message out. Use a blank e-mail with my e-mail address and it will come through just fine. Also interesting, new e-mails are now received in my Trash box or the Drafts box instead of the “In” box. Sigh. Family here is doing well, holding our own. Weather really beautiful for the season, with plenty of rain to wet down the forests. Can only imagine how heartsick so many people are right now, losing homes and valuables to the heavy rains in some parts of our country and around the world. We need to spend more time in prayer for protection and strength for humanity undergoing terrible experiences. My thoughts are with my spiritual family. Masters, what do you see happening to our fractured planet in the coming month? ************ ********* **** “ Above all, realize that Planet Earth is reconstructing itself into a firmer, better piece of matter in this solar system as continuous movements in the galaxies send out energy and frequencies that are commanded by the Creator. The storms, earthquakes, tornadoes and temperature oddities are all a part of this. As difficult as it has been, and is being, the near future years will be a wonder to your scientists and astronomers as they observe new positions in the solar system and very settled yearly seasons all over the planet. Even now, new foliage and crops are being discovered – ocean currents are changing that will continue to re-organize weather conditions around the world. The unobstructed anger and frustration of millions of people is the visible condition of the physical and mental changes affecting humanity. The untold numbers of human beings that have been killed during protests or because of power-hungry rulers are in the wings, so to speak, to return to a very different and beautiful world. August will be a continuing month of sudden storm fronts meandering all around the North American Continent, as well as down through South America. We are seeing a few tornadoes in areas where they have been unknown, and flooding in large cities. Sudden very cold temperatures will surprise and alarm parts of these continents as the planet’s energy continues to surge during the next two months. Europe and Asia will also be undergoing drastic weather anomalies as normal climates seem to be turned upside down. The vast deserts will be inundated by unusual sand storms -quakes will become more common. Australia will be the quieter continent as its position has already changed for a time. The Pacific and Atlantic island groups will have real problems as the sea mountains on which they stand are in a state of movement. There is need to make emergency arrangements in the very near future. We expect to see hurricanes across the oceans becoming more common as the atmospheric conditions over these vast areas of water continue to change directions. No matter where you live, it is wise to be ready for anything, especially unusual and sudden weather changes. Common sense and listening to your inner counsel will see you through any difficulty. We are always there for you.” ************ ********* *** From the Masters: WINDOWS OF THE SOUL “ Deep in the mind of every human being there is a “window” that connects them with his or her Soul. This is an often-used term, but few seem to understand what is meant by it. A Soul is a frequency of creation, formed into comprehensive “spirits” by the Supreme Intelligence of all things, encompassing all planets, all galaxies, all universes, to occupy the spaces that have been prepared for the existence of knowledge and experience to fill the emptiness of eternal space. The community of souls is far beyond humanities` imagining of white-robed angels sitting around on clouds playing harps. Souls are frequencies that have existed far beyond your concepts of time and, during those endless millenniums, have become endowed with knowledge and experience that is, and always has been, an ongoing directive from the Supreme Creator. Every soul is an encyclopedia of experiences, from the most evil thoughts to the highest reaches of truth and love. Every soul is on a path of instruction, combining knowledge and experience with other spiritual souls (and we use the word “spirit” to express the frequencies that have evolved into the accepted patterns of knowledge and experiences) . As the soul evolves from a mist of nothingness into a being that is aware of its own creation, it starts to reach out for knowledge from the multitude of other souls that fill every minute space of time and the untold numbers of universes. The souls share their knowledge with each other; the need to reach out and fill those empty personal spaces beomes the “tool” that the Creator has put into place in order to produce the trillions of substantive creatures that are constatly being created to fill the solar systems of each universe. Without the actual placement of material organisms to reproduce, learning to inhabit the new planets - learning to use the materials and grow the food that they will need, planets would remain, as most of them are now, as cold, barren rocks that eternally travel in the specific patterns and solar systems as the universes were originally formed. Many of these baren planets have known life forms inhabited by souls, but they did not possess the knowledge to create life as you know it on earth. Mars is a good example of this, as well as other planets in your solar system. The “growth” of a soul takes place as it commits to being placed into a dense creation on a planet. Such dense creations were at first simple animal-like creatures, which the souls had to learn how to maneuver, how to feed, and how to reproduce. Through all the centuries of trial and error, the souls gained knowledge and experience. Human forms were then introduced to be the rulers of the planet and its creatures. Embedded in each soul, you must understand, is the basic awareness of that Supreme Creator, the awareness of what is needed for the continuance of the new human being, what is right or wrong concerning its connection with other inhabitants of the planet, and how to create families or groups to care and protect each other. Let us make clear that only the higher strains of animal life contain souls, and these souls are on a very basic level of creation, living in matter only temporarily until they can ascend to the frequencies of knowledge required of a mature soul. The awareness of some of your animals depends upon their ability to understand and live in an orderly manner. Dogs, cats, and horses are those that are progressing souls. Most wild animals do not have souls; animals that are created and used for food, do not possess souls; birds and sea creatures do not possess souls. They all have basic instincts that give them the ability to reproduce, forage for food and protect themselves as best they can. Their natural instinct is to fear human beings when they are of a high enough nature to understand the danger. When a human being dies, the soul simply disconnects from the physical and enters again into the compounded frequencies of universal life. We will try to answer some of the most emotional questions about death that most of you have. Question: Does the soul retain all the memories of the lifetime? Does it have the ability to stay with loved ones for a time and even communicate with them in some way? Does it stay near the earth-bound souls to protect and guide them? Is there some limitation as to how long they might do this, or is it directed to return immediately to universal being and knowledge? Yes, the soul basically IS memory – of all times, all situations, all emotions, all imperfections, all Love. The Love is the most powerful frequency of creation, and the soul does feel the loss of connection with the human family for a time, until it feels it is time to release and connect with the universal family again. Those who feel their loved ones around them after the death do indeed feel their presence. When there is still need to help their loved ones in some way, a soul can be a guiding presence as long as it is needed. Question: Some religions teach that the soul remains with the dead body until Jesus (or some other great teacher) returns to rise them up again. If a person sincerely believes this at their death, the soul may be trapped in such a position for a long time until it rebels and leaves in the normal way. The belief systems of human beings imprint upon the soul very strongly and become part of the knowledge it gains from each incarnation. When the human being takes upon itself to do harm to others and concentrates the lifetime to gain wealth and power, this damages the relationship to the Creator and the universal communion of souls. New lifetimes are needed to heal such imperfections; that is essentially where the concept of karma was given. The religious concept that the Christ will come again and bring everyone back to life, if true, would overcome the planet with millions of beings that could not feed or take care of themselves. This concept was meant to teach humanity that a time will come when humanity will reach a point of intelligence when Love and understanding will be the normal way to live on Earth. Many changes in the thinking processes of humankind are taking place even now, as millions of people are being murdered because they think differently, are of a different color, or simply because there are powerful men and women who think to become gods in their own time. Be patient dear ones – these years of confusion, strife, planetary changes with the storms and shaking ground will transcend into a new way of thinking, feeling, and finding Earth to be again a beautiful and bountiful world. Not all at once, for it is up to each of you to be a part of that new creation. We, who speak through Ruth, are simply part of that communion of souls who love and teach what we can for your understanding. Reach out yourselves to the souls around you who are there always ready to help and heal. Love is only a word to express the vastness of time and space created for the benefit of the Highest Intelligence of all universes. It is there for you, always. Amen.” ************ ********* **** If you wish to express your appreciation for these newsletters and can afford to donate a few dollars occasionally, it would be a great help to me to be able to continue this mission of higher communication. Personal check, cash, or money orders work just fine. 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