A Message from Ms. Ruth Ryden

Sorry for how late this message is. Have not been WORKING. This is only the FIRST part of Ms. Ruth's message. See the link at the bottom to read the entire post. I HIGHLY recommend it! As always, thanks for taking the time to read! Michelle NEWSLETTER #126 FROM RUTH & THE MASTERS OF LIGHT MARCH, 2013 Good Morning Dear Readers! “There is no global climate change happening!” Does anyone really believe that anymore? All we need to do is look out our windows and check our calendars. February has been a disaster to so many of you and our thoughts and prayers are with you of course. We are snug and well for the most part. Grandson and family will be traveling to California to see our daughter this weekend – she is the only one that lives far away from us, but keeps in constant touch. Family is becoming even more important in these times of confusion and we are fortunate indeed for today’s electronics to be able to communicate so easily. Call someone in your family, just to say hello. As those of us whose years are piling up miss out on being close, we need to hear from family more often. Let’s March into this new month with a lot of determination and acceptance – we are the offspring of a Mighty Creator! Masters, what do you see coming up in March for the world at large? MASTERS: “There is good reason to be worried about the weather during these months of climatic fluctuations. The storms racing across the world have produced much concern and a great deal of damage. Is it over yet? No, afraid not. Forecasters, even spiritual ones, realize that the frequency modulations around the planet are being produced by the slight movement of the earth within your solar system as it moves into its new situation. Heat at the core is still causing prodigious melting of ice at both poles, producing flooding of lowlands. Artic lands are receding as sea levels rise, causing native peoples to move further inland. Sea levels around the world are rising , especially along the European coasts. And so on. You can read all this for yourselves in the many news reports you receive. What we can do for you is to pin-point what the weather conditions may be for the coming month. Perfect predictions are not realistic because of the constant changes within the earth and from atmospheric frequencies from the Sun flares that are pretty constant now. We are seeing at this time constant storms racing across the North American Continent, causing still more heavy snow, rain and tornadic activity. It’s not over yet. The proverbial lion of March will be roaring again. Keep enough fuel on hand to last for a few more weeks and plan for power outages. We see the northern states and Canada being hit pretty hard the first few weeks. Southern states should expect a lot of flooding when temperatures rise. Homes near rivers should prepare for rising waters. The droughts of this past year will be cured to some extent by the extra snowfall, but we feel they may still be a problem to farmers in the coming months. Knowing and preparing is your intelligent answer to all of these irritating confrontations. Europe is not escaping these abnormal weather oddities. Heavy snows in the mountains continue to cause problems for transportation and commerce. Constant small earth movements are causing avalanches and cracks in mountain roads. Mideastern countries are suffering more from the heavy frequencies in this part of the world that are causing uprisings and conflicts. There is such a strong sense of finding a common ground and a way for all people to live comfortably without harsh overlords, that there will be no end to it until a few more months have passed. Then new leaders will be found and these people will finally find some measure of peace. The southern parts of the world are being beset by the actions of the seas as the plates beneath them are still moving and shifting. Tsunamis will continue to be reported, but we do not see that they will overcome any land areas. Temperatures will continue to jump around in weird ways for another two or three months, making agriculture very challenging. Much is being said in your writings about a new sense of spiritual unity coming over the Earth because of these changes, and that is very true. When disaster hits, one goes within to find solace and seeks help and understanding from others. You all have the courage and strength of the souls that you are, and hard times make it clear that you need to understand this and let your inner thoughts and feelings guide your ways. That is your gift from God. Stand fast now and help yourselves and others to keep your lives on an even keel. You do know how.” ************ ********* *** ************The Remainder of this post is a Message from the Masters regarding COMPASSION! PLEASE READ************************* Ruth Ryden and the Masters of Light on Compassion If you wish to express your appreciation for these newsletters and can afford to donate a few dollars occasionally, it would be a great help to me to be able to continue this mission of higher communication. Personal check, cash, or money orders work just fine. We have a locked postal box. I realize everyone is in a pinch now; so am I. Please make sure to include your e-mail address so that I may thank you personally!

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