A Message from Matthew

Been a while since a Message posted from Matthew's mom, Suzy. This message is quite timely, especially in regard to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. The sadness of that day, the pure and raw grief I saw on the faces of every adult I encountered on our walk home has never left me. All ages, all races, from my 2nd grade teacher to the shop owners, all I remember were tears. Some soft as a sob, others outright bawling. After that, it seemed my entire world shifted. My sister and I were in Bermuda for a five year stay before the end of the year, leaving my mom and beloved Mama in New York. Those who are old enough to know all have our own memories. There is a portion of this message that is just for us. Namaste Messages from Matthew By: Suzanne Ward With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we shall speak about a matter that has touched hearts everywhere. Typhoon Haiyan is profoundly tragic for everyone who lost dear family and friends, homes and businesses—they don’t know that at soul level they agreed to be part of this major act of planetary cleansing. Because releasing accruing negativity was essential to keep Earth progressing toward balance, all the people whose physical lives ended and the millions who are struggling in the storm’s aftermath embraced the opportunity to evolve by participating as they did. This kind of enthusiastic mass agreement doesn’t seem even possible in your concept of time, but in the eternal life of the soul and the timelessness of the continuum, opportunities to leap forward in soul growth are eagerly sought, and universe-wide they happen with some frequency. Please do not think that our explanation of a devastating situation is dispassionate or that we are unaffected by the grieving souls and their massive reconstruction ahead. We are among the myriad souls who showered light on the Philippines during and after the storm to assist all who made transition and to fortify the inner strength of survivors. We feel their heartbreak and fright and confusion about how to start rebuilding their lives, their villages and farms and cities. How we wish they could know that their loved ones were greeted by name and “Thank you!” as they entered Nirvana. Just as fervently we wish they could know that all who died and they themselves collectively agreed to give Earth that vital lift she needed to stay her course toward balance. If Gaia’s gratitude could be seen, your world would be ablaze with the radiance of its light. To continue reading this uplifting Message from Matthew, please click HERE! Thanks for your time. Michelle