A Message From Jack the Watcher

A Message from Jack the Watcher by: Jean Rockefeller Yesterday I noticed there was palpable energy coming from the Earth. I had periodic dizziness and headaches that thankfully, were fleeting. I didn't really think too much of it as it was the first day of Spring and we have had an unusually brutal winter here in the northeast US. Today, when I went to see Jack, some of the horses who are normally calm were acting very strangely and even fearful. One horse, Batman, literally fell over and when I went to check on him his eyes were bugging out of his head as was the horse in the next stall. As I worked to calm Batman, I glanced over at Jack. He was calm, munching his hay and didn't seem to notice what was going on with Batman. Suddenly, I felt a rush of cold air fly out of the barn and I became shaky and fearful. The farm owner -Kim, who was standing with me, felt it too. She mentioned that her horse had been acting very strangely. So much so that she thought about calling the vet. She asked me if there were any cosmological things going on that would explain her horse's odd behavior. I answered "Yes" without even thinking. Jack the Watcher  www.JeanRockefeller.com Jack the Watcher Messages from Matthew Thank you for reading this message from Jack the Watcher. Please share if the energy of this message resonates within you. Shared by: Michelle D.Smith with consent of Jean Rockefeller and JACK!