A Message From Jack The Watcher

www.JeanRockefeller.com Have you felt that August brought a lightness to summer? I have. August feels like this is the month that will change the entire year. Here is a message from Jack the Watcher and Jean Rockefeller. Enjoy! Thanks for reading, Michelle Wisdom From Jack, The Watcher On Sunday August 4th , a cosmic window opened which was supported by the Sun, elevating the Earth’s frequency. (I actually witnessed this event on Sunday when I was riding Jack. A flash of red came out of the Earth and it faded after about a minute.)This allowed Gaia to globally release repressed anger and she is gearing up for another emotional energy release early next week. This release will occur just around the time the Sun changes polarity as it will become “still”, allowing the Earth and Sun to align with powerful cosmic forces. Although Sunday’s event was a relatively small release, it has already begun to permeate throughout all whom dwell on this planet and were in alignment with this energy. The grief energy that has been slowly escaping, allowed the energy underneath to be freed and that is deep-seated anger. Energy Pulses of varying degrees and content are now being felt almost daily and will continue to increase in occurrence until the full moon this month. Those you are in alignment with will have a noticeable affect within your being almost immediately. Overall, people are going to feel deep emotional energy as it surfaces into the consciousness. This may manifest in numerous ways but you are being offered the energy to release deeply held negative energy. As it rises from the depths of your being, do not wallow and surround yourself in the energy. Instead recognize and separate yourself from its release. This will greatly increase the speed to which the release will occur. People are going to become increasingly agitated and emotional as we get closer to the full moon. Please recognize this and be patient. If you find yourself in an emotional situation, pause and center yourself before you react. Much Love to you All! Jack, The Watcher