A Message From Jack The Watcher

Happy Passover! This message is very long, but contains some really good information. Please take your time and read it, in parts if necessary. Answers to some interesting questions lie within. Have a most amazing day and thank you for reading! Much love, Michelle Spring has Sprung! by Jean Rockefeller and Jack the Watcher March 19, 2013 February marked the one year anniversary of my first post. It has been an incredible year and I know that for many of you, Jean included, that you expected to see more tangible change in the world. From my vantage point, I can see change taking place but it will take time for the benefits to come into view. Imagine a boulder being dropped into the middle of the ocean; it would take time for the ripples to reach the shore. This is analogous to what is occurring now. A boulder was dropped into the middle of the ocean and we are now waiting for the effects of that event to reach us. We know it was dropped, we heard it drop, we watched it drop and now we must wait. Patience and Trust is what we must cultivate now. In the meantime, do not stop working, do not stop believing, do not stop knowing that all the work we have done has and will continue to have, a positive effect on this planet and beyond. As humanity awakens, adding energy to Ascension, the pace will quicken at which all of humanity can realize tangible change and tangible change is just around the corner! Please continue reading this post on the blog, Jack's Corner!