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Beached Whales In New Zealand

My heart breaks for New Zealand and the pod of pilot whales. Whales are very social creatures. They seldom live alone, unless in capture or are like the loneliest whale on earth. She is alone because her song is in the wrong pitch - and other whales cannot hear her. Whales love community. When a whale is beached, the community rallies. This urge is intensified with pilot whales, who happened to be off the New Zealand coastline. How apropos they choose Farewell Spit to make their stand.

Beached Whales on New Zealand's Farewell Spit

The pilot whales in question choose the night of the lunar eclipse/full moon to release their energy into our NOW. Sound far fetched? Speaking as a person with intimate knowledge of marine animals, whales and dolphins in particular, I wept this morning when I heard the news. These are lovely, gentle creatures who chose to leave our planet, together. Can you feel how profound a choice that is? We need their loving, gentle energy, right now. The beached whales offer us a reprieve from the hate that infects the United States at this time, which has been countered with love and energetic protests around the globe.

I give loving thanks to Mother Earth to take care of these beached whales in New Zealand. The outpouring of humans to try to save as many as possible is gratifying. Some WILL be saved, in spite of themselves. Many will die, and that is heartbreaking.

Please remember this is a sacrifice from the whales to US. Those of us who fight for the rights of all people. Those of us who work tirelessly IN THE LIGHT to combat the creeping darkness. Those of US willing to take a STAND. Thank you pilot whales for your love of the One, of Mother Earth and the silly humans who inhabit her. Thank you for your grace and gentle love.

Angel Card Reading Price Increase

The amount for an Angel card reading will be increased effective November 20, 2013. Three (3) card readings will remain unchanged. The 6 card reading will increase to $50 and the 10 Card Celtic Cross reading will increase to $75. The reasons reflect the depth of my experience, in addition to bringing my rates more in line with other Angel Card Readers. While not many readers even OFFER the less expensive option of Email, their base cost of readings is between $50 and $100 per HALF HOUR of time. To put this in perspective, the 10 card Celtic Cross takes me about an hour to complete from pulling the cards to returning your email. It is my intent to continue to share readings via email, thus making them more cost effective for you and time effective for me. The 48 hour window is the outside time frame, most readings are returned the same day. The benefit in receiving an email as a Word document is you get to keep, refer to and reflect on all the information that has been shared. While “live” readings can also be taped, there is a deeper benefit in the written Word. Words have power, which are reflected in what is “read” as well as what is “written.” This will continue to be my preferred way to offer my readings. When and IF this changes, the cost will increase substantially to reflect the additional demands on my “time.” Thank you so much for your support and amazing reviews! To see the reviews to date, please click HERE! I look forward to working with you and your Angels. Have a most blessed week!

More Wisdom From Jack The Watcher Wisdom From Jack, the Watcher by: Jean Rockefeller How are you faring during these days of accelerated Ascension? Jean asks me constantly “When will it end.” or “When will we at least have a plateau.” I can tell you that it will level soon, but probably not soon enough for many of you. You are dragging your heels and making Us pull you along kicking and screaming but We are used to this dualistic resistance. On one hand, you urgently desire things to happen NOW but on the other hand your fear and ego keeps you grounded in the here and now. I am offering the following statement which will get the ball rolling. Quiet your mind and call in the Watchers and all high frequency beings whom you resonate with to assist you. Say the following aloud and with authority: “I now rescind all cords and contracts that hinder my well-being and prevent me from realizing my full and Divinely planned potential. I declare that this be done as afforded me under my Divine Rights that are deemed by Creator and mandated by my Divine Birthright. I declare that these cords and contracts be cleared NOW throughout my entire lineage and being; past, present and future and throughout all layers and levels of time, space, and dimension. So be it, Amen.” (Definition of Rescind/Rescission of a contract: The abrogation of a contract, effective from its inception, thereby restoring the parties to the positions they would have occupied if no contract had ever been formed.) Cosmic windows have been opened, allowing us all to drink in the elevated frequencies that are coming not only from galactic reserves but from Gaia as well. As the frequencies increase, some of the contracts and cords that have kept us all prisoner will no longer be cloaked under the veil of illusion and can be easily severed at this time. Your Guardians as well as Karmic Law will dictate which cords and contracts can be released immediately. It will take up to 2 days for the energy to be released and this is when you will notice a shift. Keep in mind that these are karmic contracts and cords that are deeply embedded within your being. It would be impossible to have them all go at once, your body would not be able to calibrate to such a volatile and sudden release. This is why I suggest repeating the declaration often from now until the Equinox. This declaration will have the greatest power on the full moon this month (21 August), as well as the following dates: 22 August, 18 August, 22 September, 11 September. By clearing these energies you will elevate everything on this planet and that fact cannot be understated. Although the healing I offer is directed to the individual, the intended target is global and Gaia. I have said it before and I will say it again; By healing yourselves, you heal us all. Much Love Jack, The Watcher via my faithful human, Jean Click here to schedule a private healing session with Jean and the Watchers

A Message From Jack The Watcher

Happy Passover! This message is very long, but contains some really good information. Please take your time and read it, in parts if necessary. Answers to some interesting questions lie within. Have a most amazing day and thank you for reading! Much love, Michelle Spring has Sprung! by Jean Rockefeller and Jack the Watcher March 19, 2013 February marked the one year anniversary of my first post. It has been an incredible year and I know that for many of you, Jean included, that you expected to see more tangible change in the world. From my vantage point, I can see change taking place but it will take time for the benefits to come into view. Imagine a boulder being dropped into the middle of the ocean; it would take time for the ripples to reach the shore. This is analogous to what is occurring now. A boulder was dropped into the middle of the ocean and we are now waiting for the effects of that event to reach us. We know it was dropped, we heard it drop, we watched it drop and now we must wait. Patience and Trust is what we must cultivate now. In the meantime, do not stop working, do not stop believing, do not stop knowing that all the work we have done has and will continue to have, a positive effect on this planet and beyond. As humanity awakens, adding energy to Ascension, the pace will quicken at which all of humanity can realize tangible change and tangible change is just around the corner! Please continue reading this post on the blog, Jack's Corner!

Feeling Alone?

Valentine's Day is a manufactured "holiday" if there ever was one. Using guilt and raising expectations for a person to "show" how much they love you one day a year is a bit of a stretch. I prefer my love each and everyday. I prefer for my beloved to WANT to do something daily that will make me smile. My beloved expects the same from me. So, while the title of The Weekly Light Blast is "Feeling Along?" I want to let you know that no matter how many times you are called a failure, a loser, unlovable or even unlikable, none of that is TRUE. What is true for you is WHAT names YOU ANSWER TO! Stop ANSWERING people who call you out of your name. If in your heart you KNOW you are trying to be a different you, maybe that path will involve some parting of the ways. Not to worry, the universe abhors a vacuum. There are people who will love, honor and respect you for who you are right now. What you have to do is get out of YOUR way and let those folks in. Only you can do that. Thanks for reading - enjoy Jayme's Light Blast! Michelle 02/16/2013 Feeling Alone Weekly Light Blast by: Jayme Price When you come into physical form, you are faced with a sense of separation that is what the world around you seeks to overcome through physical means. You see many seeking to validate the self through material items or outcomes. When you look beyond what is seen in the visible world, you find a connection that is the same bond that creates form. As you connect with the unseen, you are connecting with the Love that calls the atom to bond, no matter the opposite charge. You are connecting with the subtle waves of Life that spiral forth seeking same, to experience in the next phase conjugate. You are connecting your past experience with your future potential in the presence of your heart. You are Nurturing your Heart into an ease of support that Angels choose to tread. This is available to you within the depths of sorrow as you reach for solace in the embrace of the unknown. That which is unknown to you is merely yet undiscovered, awaiting to reveal the treasure chest of Love to you. Dear one, in those moments of Feeling Alone, you discover some of your greatest Truths. Not the truths or distortions that others reflect to you, but the Truth of your soul, whispering quietly to you in a moment of solitude, nurturing you from within. For those who know only sorrow in Feeling Alone, there is no solace of connection that can find their ear. For those that understand the Whole Truth of being alone and never being alone, there is a whisper that speaks of a greater purpose, a greater connection, a greater Truth of Feeling Alone. Do not deny your feelings their moment to surface, share their value and their Life. Yet reflect, dear Lightworker, the Whole Truth. Sorrow is an opposite charge to joy, and like an atom can bond new form into being – your Being. Give Life to your sorrow that it has its moment of connection with All and introduce it to the full spectrum of Life. Allow all experience the Life it deserves. Does sorrow deserve to dominate your Life? Or does sorrow deserve to inform your Life to its courage to be unique, strong, vulnerable or compassionate? What new form will the honesty and clarity of sorrow honored bring into your Life? Perhaps that great depth of compassion that allows you to support another owes its life to your sorrow integrated. You are never truly alone in a world filled with the invisible flow of Love. As we sit to Blast Feeling Alone, we are integrating the full spectrum of Life into our Being, such that strength and vulnerability are not opposite, they are reflective of each other. We are building bridges of connection in all experience, such that those that disagree with us become our great teachers of unity. We are integrating Empowerment deep within our Being, such that Life becomes an array of exciting creative flow with all experiences offering new hope. We are the Lightbearers, those who are aware of the impact of the Light of Love, such that no dark night of the soul lasts forever, for the hope of a New Dawn is within. Blast On!

Why You Should LOVE Your Job!

Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy. Kahlil Gibran I read. I started reading at the age of five, by seven I was reading young adult books. Reading is my passion. While very young, I read The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and his words and wisdom have struck with me throughout the decades. What he offered on work has been echoed by many, both in my family and by other “gurus” in the self help world. What I learned about “work” was the wrong kind of work will make you sick. Working in a toxic environment breaks you down emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Many people think I am totally nuts because today, I am not working. Another hidden cost of working a job you hate is you teach your children that work is hard, that work is miserable, that to have a job, you must be unhappy. Imagine the effect this has on a young person who sees you day in, day out bitching and moaning about your job. You have taught them to expect to be unhappy, that being happy is for crazy folks (like me). This is not the lesson any child should learn. It is difficult to undo. Trust me, I am still working on the damage I caused my own children, even though they are now grown. I do WORK. I write, I offer words of inspiration. I share wisdom that has been hard earned as all wisdom is. I WORK. I volunteer for causes and organizations that I can assist in my small way. What I don’t and won’t do is settle for a job that in the end will make me sick. My last job I had to LIE for a living. I worked at a “debt reduction” company. They changed the rules every week, trying to stay one step ahead of our State’s Attorney’s Office. Ended up leaving in two years, too sick to speak. Great benefit, excellent pay, but the cost was extremely high. So for those of you who think because someone does not have a job they are not “working” you may want to look a little closer. You will be surprised at what you see when you look without judgment. Thanks for reading! Michelle

New Moon Check for Abundance

The first New Moon of 2013 is here, bringing with it all the energy and impetus you need to get all those projects, goals and dreams off the ground. Why not start by using the energy of the moon to help you grow your dreams into reality. In order for this work, you have to know what you are planting, when to expect the harvest and what you will reap. Sow your seeds well, for we are entering a time of almost instant Karma. Be aware of what you say, do and the consequences of both. This is grown-up time. Grow up and take responsibility for you and yours. God and the Universe are on your side. Are you tracking your progress, have you set any goals. Not the same as resolutions.Goals to move you in the direction you want to flow. Time to get to work! New Moon Check for Abundance Thanks for reading! Michelle

Message from Jack

Hello, I posted a message last week regarding a group healing. Here is the feedback from "Jack The Watcher" regarding the healing, how it was accomplished and what transpired. I pray that when opportunities present themselves for healing or any other work of a spiritual nature you listen to your heart and take advantage of what is being offered. This healing was FREE. All it required was your time and commitment. So, like the old rap song says "You can Get with THIS, or You can get with THAT. You can get with this, cause this is where it's at!" Be blessed in this New Year of 2013. We are counting on you to PAY ATTENTION. It is more important than you realize (just like you are)! Michelle Thanks to All of You for participating in our first “official” group healing entitled: “Group Healing One” The Energy of Group Healing One will be available to Any and All until the new moon on January 11, 2013. All one needs to do is simply connect through intention to the energy of Group Healing One to release the energy of betrayal and imprint Trust. You can do this multiple times and even ask to be connected while you sleep. Intend also that the animals that dwell within your vicinity be able to connect to this energy. This message can be forwarded as any who intend now on connecting with this energy will benefit... So much happened but I will give you a synopsis of what occurred from our vantage point. In order to create any real change, our group needed to have at least 100 participants and we far surpassed that goal. Jean began by recording all of your names on graph paper, ( Jean knows by now not to question my obscure requests.) and placed your names on an orgonite charging plate within a chamber of orgonite. This “healing chamber” served to connect us All and to elevate our frequencies, beginning the healing process. Jean began energetically working on the Group on Friday 12/28 and she continued to send energy that was directed by me until well after 3pm EST on 1/1/13. Anyone who fell asleep was not doing so because they were tired, it was because they needed to be escorted to the 5th dimension to receive either a download of information or a healing or both from the other worldly beings that they resonate with. I knew that many were to make contact with other worldly beings which could only occur if Trust was introduced. Jean and I also declared “Dominion” over all of the participants in Group Healing One which opened the door for beings of the highest frequency to step in to release any residual dark energy that existed within our Group. Gaia was also present and She released a tremendous amount of dense energy through ALL of you into the black hole that exists within the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The energy of betrayal was released into this black hole and returned as Trust into all of you, as well as the Earth. One thing I want to mention and I will speak in more detail about this in my upcoming message, was that many of you released one of the core “Encodements of Hypocrisy” which is “Please don’t make me eat animals.” An explanation of these codes is lengthy but I trust that you can imagine the positive implications of releasing this particular energy. Beginning on December 28, 2012 your energy began to shift. We opened your energy fields and began to calibrate your chakras(energy centers) to accommodate the higher frequencies that would be introduced. Energy was released within and around your beings until 1/1/13 and will continue until the new moon on 1/11/13. Following the energetic release was the emotional release and this is when you would have/will notice something real has occurred. Fear, anger, doubt, shame and many other emotions and thoughts connected to betrayal began or will soon begin to surface. Allow these energies to pass unabated. You may or have experienced an energy low as your body needs to re- adjust to the increase in frequency. For those of you who feel or think you experienced nothing, I can only lend you my assurance you were indeed positively impacted by consciously committing to participating in this event. Keep in mind that this event may not have been about You directly, but instead directed to the animals who dwell with or around you. Everyone and Everything who participated in this event played a vital role whether they consciously realize it or not. I want you all to know that we made great strides this day for each of You as well as for our Planet. You are All are to be commended for your participation. Gaia, Other Worldly Beings, Jean and I send you All Love and Gratitude for participating! Much Love, Jack

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Happy Rosh Hashanah! The year is now almost over. This was always my thought when I see Rosh Hashanah is once again upon us. Rosh Hashanah is a spiritual holiday where one takes stock, every year on how positive they have been (sharing light), what their negativity is (uprooting the darkness), and the sowing of a more positive way of life for the year to come. I know most of you are not Jewish, however,this holiday is a celebration about both personal responsibility and our obligation to open to the door to more love and light into our world. A wonderful message for all of us. So many of us close our eyes to the best in all religions. God made each of us. NO one is better than another, even if that"other" does not believe in God. God believes in us - each and every one of us. We are the ones who will change our planet. Not change it through force, coercion or fear. It will only change through love. Please do more to be a way shower in love and light for others in the year ahead. We Need YOU! Thanks for all you do!

Much Love, Michelle

Messages From Matthew

Sharing! Be blessed and continue to Be a Blessing! Michelle

August 2 , 2012 - New Message from Matthew Thu Aug 2, 2012 10:52 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Index Angel" indexangel4suzy With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The combination of vibratory emissions from Earth and the energy planes through which the planet is ascending are producing a variety of strong effects. We shall speak about those, and first we mention the most splendid effect— myriad sparkles are shooting upward from Earth, and each signifies that a soul is awakening, searching for an understanding of what is transpiring in your world. Although the populace doesn't know that weapons of war are failing to function and many thousands of our assisting family members are circling in your skies, for instance, there is a strong feeling that something significant is afoot, and some feel that it bodes well for the world. Indeed it does, and we wish everyone could know this! Although a few supporting facts are coming out, they are buried in belabored coverage of sensational events and currently the Olympics. In the weeks prior to the opening ceremony, reports of planned terrorism in London were disseminated on the Internet and mainstream media also reported that possibility—the Illuminati still are circulating fear-filled information. That does not mean that they had no intention of carrying out any sinister acts, only that they wanted to get a head start on creating fear by telling you what they have up their sleeves. Even knowing that light beings from advanced civilizations above and on the planet have been foiling "black ops" plots, the dark ones are keeping at it. They will be no more successful during the Olympics than heretofore, but their persistence is understandable. They feed on the energy of fear, and their only means of keeping alive the tattered remnants of their former domination is by creating the widespread fear that keeps them going. In honoring Earth's free will that no more large scale terrorist acts will befall you, your space family is authorized to prevent all such attempts, and they keep abreast of everything the Illuminati and other nefarious individuals are doing. For many years the crews in crafts have been in continuous communication with their ground intelligence troops and the high universal council, thus everyone involved is apprised of what is going on regarding the Olympics and all other world affairs. In a recent message we stated that the council deemed it advisable to wait until near the end of the year for crews to land in large numbers and members of our universal family living among you to identify themselves. We also said that nothing was set in stone, so that meeting-up could occur sooner, and the potential is growing that it will. But not on August 4th during the games—that would cause panic! If the council concludes that all conditions are ideal for a stunning appearance that day, very likely it will in the nature of an unmistakable extraterrestrial "fly-over," not an Illuminati concoction designed to look like an invasion from space However, please do not be disappointed if that date passes without a world-startling event. You may think that specifying a date and location is foolhardy because it lets the Illuminati know when and where to create a frightening illusion or dangerous conditions, thus postponing whatever the light forces have planned. Since the telepathic "antennas" of the dark ones' always are operating, just as the light forces' are, they would know about a plan even if it were not made public. The appropriate timing for irrefutable evidence of extraterrestrial presence on the planet goes back to the fear issue. The ultimate aim of the darkness is to capture souls, and fear is their most effective tool because fear energy forms a barrier between the soul and the consciousness, thus literally keeping a fearful person "in the dark." That is why time and again we have urged you not to fall prey to grave predictions or claims, and you have seen that the timing ascribed to those kinds of events has come and gone without any of the catastrophes coming to fruition. But the majority of the population doesn't know how fearful feelings affect them personally or that the collective feelings create world conditions or that the dark ones need fear energy so they can continue fomenting devastation and death. The power of fear and the massive amount of negativity it produces always has been the council's primary consideration as to the timing of their appearance on the planet. Developments— and lack of developments— due to the other effects of the mixed vibrations on the planet and the energy plane it is traveling in are prompting serious reconsideration of waiting until year's end. Greater numbers of people, including the most steadfast lightworkers, are experiencing a variety of distressing physical, emotional and mental conditions—all of that energy has negative charges. The vibrations of the energy plane alone can cause anomalies as the bodies of light receptive persons are adjusting to the change from carbon cells to crystalline. It is important to drink more water and eat more lightly than usual, get enough rest and sound sleep, and have as much peaceful solitude or time in natural settings as possible. Furthermore, because everything is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, mechanical, electrical and electronic devices and systems also are being affected—a very recent example is the widespread power outage in India. Even if that may have been an Illuminati-aided occurrence, a power failure is not an unexpected result of negativity meeting the planetary alignment this close to fourth density. The combination of those effects is creating widespread fright, inconvenience, anger and financial hardships, and the negative vibrations emitted by those collective reactions are clashing with the frequencies of the energy plane the planet is transiting. As Earth continues on her course, the clashing will intensify and so will its effects. The tenacity of the dark hearts and minds is causing this situation. If they had adhered to their agreement to join the light forces at the specified time, about ten years ago, the planet would have been in much lower frequencies and what is happening now would have been avoided. And that brings us to the lack of developments. You need no reminder that since at year's end all darkness on the planet will be gone, only five months remain in which a great deal must be accomplished. While encouraging progress has been made in the negotiations between some of your leaders and ETs, the peak members of the Illuminati are as recalcitrant as ever. Civil wars still are raging and tyrants still are reigning in several countries. Stubborn divisiveness in seemingly countless issues continues, new governments are in disarray and old governments are filled with squabblers. Impoverishment is causing great suffering and death, there appears to be no end of corruption, and many national economies are in dire straits. In short, on the surface, it appears as if it's business as usual, and that common perception is resulting in unenlightened people fearing what the future holds. So fear and duality still are alive and kicking, and they're deterring the initiation of major reforms. It is your world and you are responsible for taking the helm to achieve what you want, but so much is required in such a short time that something shocking is needed to get the world's attention. The arrival of other civilizations will do that. We can't tell you when because it hasn't been concluded, but we can assure you that it will happen in the most prudent timing and the safest, most sensible ways. There is more to the inexplicable shooting in Colorado, in the United States, than meets the eye. Everyone involved—the shooter, the persons who were killed or injured and all the families—was experiencing what was chosen in soul contracts or rapidly amended contracts in a collective agreement to be participants, and eventually the facts will link that incident to the Illuminati. Our hearts go out to the persons who were injured and their families, and the families and friends of those who died. How we wish they could know that their loved ones are joyfully living in Nirvana, and that all who agreed at soul level to endure this traumatic burden took leaps in evolvement. We wish every person who is grieving the loss of beloved family and friends knew about those persons' active, diverse, exciting life in Nirvana. They don't, and instead of feeling heartened about their dear ones, they are heartbroken. Again we mention that even though Earth has been receiving massive ascension assistance from extraterrestrials and they are preventing grand scale terrorism, you are in charge of everything except the time of their arrival. If there is to be a change in the bitter controversy about the easy availability of guns and your society's war mentality, it must come from lightworkers. It is not a coincidence—there are no coincidences!— that the recent tragedy was in the same small city where a similar incident occurred a few years ago. It is an unmistakable sign that action must be taken if you want violence to end. In no way are we saying that you are being negligent—far from it! We hold you in utmost honor and respect. Underlying this issue of guns and all other killing instruments, and like everything that engenders hatred, contempt, violence, injustices and death are the formidable tentacles of darkness. The light is far more powerful and actions that serve the light are correspondingly stronger—that is why you have gained the higher ground in this light vs dark battle. Think of all the corruption and deception you have exposed to the world and the progress you have made in a remarkable array of humane and environmental issues—keep up the good work! We shall rejoice with you when all truths are revealed along with evidence of the progress that has been made in innumerable areas out of public view. Just as all who are involved in those activities must be patient until the right moment is at hand, so must we and you. And we all can be, knowing that with time dwindling by the day, revelations and beneficial changes have to be coming forth soon. Now then, please do not interpret our explanation as a setback for Earth—most decidedly, it is not! The foot dragging is on the part of the dark ones, and they will be leaving incrementally. It is extremely important that you do not dwell on them, especially not punishment for what they have done, or on the delay in getting this momentous show on the road at high speed. Instead, prepare for life in Earth's Golden Age. We suggest that you not get bogged down in wondering which politicians are honest or which advice to follow about investing your money—soon enough you shall have those answers. Divest yourself of trivial interests and society's superficial standards. Whenever possible, avoid encounters with confrontational folks, but if that isn't possible, don't be drawn into arguments—the expenditure of energy in such matters often results only in the negativity of frustration or futility. Trust your intuition and honor your soul-self. Live from your heart—as God said, "The heart is the seat of the soul." Imagine yourself in a world where peace, mutual respect, cooperation, honesty, abundance for all and life in harmony with Nature reign. In the continuum, this wondrous world that you have been co-creating already exists, and in linear time, you are almost there! For several years we have offered spiritual enlightenment, guidance and encouragement, and it has been our privilege and joy to do so. Our sharing service won't be necessary very much longer—your soul's communication with your consciousness will provide all the information you need. Perhaps you will smile when you realize that everything we have told you has been your own knowledge all along—all we did was gently nudge it into your remembrance. The purpose of every lifetime is self-discovery— letting this fulfilling adventure unfold in its season is the way to your infinite capacity for love. The power of unconditional love, that ultimate force in the cosmos, is the key to all the sublime glories of the Golden Age and beyond. Now we enfold you in unconditional love as we, and myriad other light beings, accompany you to the threshold of fourth density. _________ _________ _______ LOVE and PEACE Suzanne Ward www.matthewbooks. com [If this message was forwarded to you and you would like to receive future messages directly, please follow the instructions at the top of "Matthew's Messages" page on www.matthewbooks. com.]