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Courage In Times of Cowardice

It is difficult to be courageous when being cowardly is the norm. What is required of all lightworkers, spiritual seekers, those claiming being "woke" and all those who understand, feel and see the reality of life in 2018 is this is the time to SPEAK UP! Stand for what you believe, based on what YOU know to be truth. Truth is searched for and the journey is long, lonely and ongoing. Truth is not found on a TV show, in a book, or movie. Notice I used A - singular. Truth CAN be found in all those places if you have taken the time to develop another byproduct of courage - discernment.

courage, courage of your convictions
courage, courage of your convictions

Photo courtesy of Holiday and Observations The reason discernment leads to courage is because if you wish to be spiritually enlightened, you will understand as lonely as the road is, you are not on that path alone. Millions travel with you. Some of those people will vibe with you, some won't. All are headed for the same place - though the outcomes of the journey will differ based on what we chose to do with our allotted time here on earth. Courage has come up several times for me over the past weekend. I have been encouraged to follow my best intuitions. To have the courage of my convictions, to act on those things that I can no longer remain silent about. If you know me, you know being silent is not my strong point. However, I am now picking my battles strategically, using research and facts to bolster my arguments - and sharpen my attacks. While my attacks are written, never underestimate the power of words. Especially when facts are your road dogs. I implore you to open your heart and mind to what you have to offer and then share those gifts and talents with the world. Nothing, no gift or talent you have is yours. Trust that your gift was meant to be shared. Those who appreciate you, support you and love you will find you - the real you that has been hidden. Come out and play, sing, write, create and inspire. The world needs your light! Below, you will find one of my favorite songs, one that I heard this weekend. This song made me think when I was 20 and caused me to reflect on what I have and haven't accomplished in the past 40 years. Thanks for reading and listening! Now get to work!

What's Going On?

Daily Word Inherit

Daily Word Inherit

Been such a long time... I have not posted anything since November 2017. A lot has happened since then. I lost another relative just last week; my real reason for not posting is continued grieving for my baby sister. While I understand, especially at my age that I will lose loved ones, it doesn't get any easier. Sunday, as I shuffled my cards for my weekly reading, my blog came to mind. It is time for me to begin writing again. Something I find painful and boring without my sister, the editor. There are messages I can share to be sure. The questions are do I want to share them and is it a worthwhile use of my time? Currently, if you are paying attention to the world, especially in the US, you will (or may not) see that we are living in different worlds. There are people who do not acknowledge other people have a right to exist. Politics aside, there are two distinct kinds of people now populating the planet. Indigenous people have always understood both community and family. It is something that has been removed from modern day living. These folks are the status quo don't rock the boat motherfuckers. They care only about themselves and little about anyone else. Their motto is all about self. Self centered and selfish, not even their family matters. They are too busy working, trying to make enough money for that new house or shiny new car. It is a wonder so many of their children have chosen heroin as a way to deal with such an empty existence. There are another group of people. These people are awakening to new possibilities and new ways to exist. What is being discovered (or remembered) is being open minded and open-hearted allows you to be yourself, and allows others to be their self. This will create a new and better world. I just don't know if I care any more, or feel like wasting my time and energy in promoting what will be a better world for all. Of course, I already wrote a book about this "new" way of living. It is called My Life As A Mermaid! Check it out and thanks for reading!

New Moon and Total Eclipse August 2017

The New Moon this August heralds an awakening of the human spirit, especially here in the United (or divided) States of America. What amazes me is the fact that the only people on the planet who see the TOTAL eclipse of the sun will be right here at home. Following a tumultous week that included Nazi wannabes, unhooded KKK members and all denigration of white supremacy marching in broad daylight, how much more LIGHT can possibly be shed? Well, we do have a president who is a white supremacist sympathizer and his assorted cabal of racists inhabiting the WHITE House as we speak. I did hear that one of them was fired by why should that matter? He has many more to take his place. This new moon and total eclipse has been forecasted to unearth the darkness, bringing about social and spiritual changes on many levels. It appears we have gotten a head start. The energies this week have been draining to say the least. While there has been some mild condemnation from the GOP, I feel they should be honest with themselves, thereby being honest with the American people. Just call yourselfs the proud RepubliKKKan party. Then we can deal with you from the right frame of mind. I have no idea what other changes God and the Universe have in store. If it is anything like the past week - gird your loins. Meditate, pray and chant. We need all the positive energy possible going into this eclipse. That said, check out the prayers I offer on my Spiritual Resources page. Now, on to the writing of one of the most important new moon checks this year! For this new moon check, be crystal clear on your intentions. Be at peace in your heart, knowing that the magical and mystical forces that abound on this day will speed your blessings to you - in amazing ways! Open to the joy and gratitude of knowing there is plenty of time this year to achieve each and every goal. Are you with me? Let's write this check with Positive INTENTION and absolute FAITH!Rick Fienberg is the owner of this photo,courtesy of the American Astronomical Society! Thank you very much Rick Fienberg!

Time to write your August NEW MOON CHECK!

Instructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance - August 2017! Blank check- leave check in checkbookDo NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name$ Pay in FullOn the next line write again PAY in Full!on Memo Line: Give Thanks!Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance!

Treat this check with the same respect you would if it was written for thou$and$ of dollar$ Place it in your sacred space, thanking God for the blessings of the coming month. Please say a prayer for our country as well. Thank you as always for reading the new moon check for abundance, infused with the energy of a total eclipse! WHOOOO HOOOO! Blast Off!

Mermaid Facts Based on Science

deep water coral

deep water coral

My Life As A Mermaid, was published as my first channelled book. Channelling is something a gifted intuit uses to access past life memories, usually those of a person requesting a reading. Until I wrote my mermaid tale, I thought that "gift" was reserved for other people. I discovered this is a talent anyone can develop, with intent, an open heart and even more open mind. That said, I saw a caption for an article that looked intriguing. Intriguing because the caption was Deep Water Corals Are Capable of Creating Their Own Sunshine by Bryan Nelson. In my book, one of the ways we decorated our "homes" was the use of corals. What I saw in my mind was different colored corals, living breathing and glowing in different colors. This created a soft shimmering light at all times. Picture courtesy of article by Bryan Nelson provided by Wiki Commons Writing a book with such a small niche has been challenging and a bit overwhelming. However, I am overjoyed to find that one, small part I wrote is a scientific probability. That, alone is enough to keep me writing! If you feel this world offers all work, no joy, more hate, less love, more detail, less creativity, perhaps the reflections of a mermaid is just what you are looking for. Take the plunge and join the open minds and hearts of those who love and believe in the dream of a mermaid life. I dare you!

Jean and Jack the Watcher are Back!

How refreshing to open my email and see a new message from Jean - and a new picture of her and that handsome Jack! The message is timely, uplifting and required reading for anyone who is working to fight the good fight. In other words, light workers fighting for a world that benefits us all! Take the time to check out the post. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the weekend.

Here's Jack The Watcher! Jack the Watcher

Jack The Watcher - Trial By Fire

For many individuals, 2016 was a year of great cleansing. It may have been uncomfortable and, at times, nearly intolerable but you survived, did you not? The purpose was meaningful as 2016 was a year dedicated to cleansing the ego, pushing one towards higher energies. As we move into into lighter energies, one cannot carry with them the baggage the ego chooses to hold. For some, 2016 gave one a forceful yet gentle push. For others, it was a trial by fire, faced with a constant onslaught of your deepest fears until they were finally purged. Purposeful this was although painful it might have seemed, all was intended to clear the ego of energy that could not be supported in higher frequencies. We are now in the midst of global change and those on the front lines must be freed of lower energies in order to lead the charge into the future. Read more on Jack the Watcher's site. Click HERE!

Happy New Year 2017

Welcome to 2017! Wow, where do I begin? The 2017 New Year is a 1 year. Use the energy of this year to initiate your best 9 year cycle EVER. You have the power, do you have the fortitude and will to do more? Not just for yourself, you will also be required to do more for others, even others you may not know. So, what will your New Year 2017 look like" You could have a number of new beginnings, what shows up is based on your personal choices. What were your choices in 2016 (a 9 year)? I will share just a few of my blessings this year, not to brag, but to explain the 9 year cycle, with the 9 representing completion and harvest. new year Up until this year, I have bitched and moaned about doing the right thing BECAUSE it IS the right thing to do. I have felt anger, even rage that I am acting with honor, while those around me act like jackasses. In fact, up until this month, I was completely fed up with this shit, and their shitty behavior. Fed up with fake friends who only call when they "need" you for something (aka fucking users). People who don't understand that the intent behind their snide remarks are crystal clear - and they need to stop hiding their hate behind fake ass smiles and pretty words. Oh yeah, my favorite is a friend who I spoke to after receiving a blessing this month asked me "did I have a fucking boyfriend?" As if a "boyfriend" would have assisted in ALL the shit I (and my God team) accomplished this year. I thank God for 2016 and am OH SO Ready for the new year 2017! As you know, I self published My Life As a Mermaid - A Tale To Be Shared this year. On December 16, 2016 my book was selected to be part of the Baltimore County Public Library Local Author collection! All who know me know reading is my life. I was punished so much as teen, that I was one first name basis with our book mobile librarians. They could always tell when I was punished by how many books I checked out. I even had to upgrade to an adult card at 15 because there was a limit on how many books young people could get at one time. My mom punished me by taking away TV privileges. Between football (yuck) and baseball (boring) who cared? I did love our late 70's - early 80's Orioles, but after that, my attention waned dramatically. In my senior year, she finally got it. She told me - "I should have taken away your library card!" Bingo! So, I LOVE public libraries. They offer shelter for many, knowledge for the asking and a means to explore and expand your horizon. All for FREE. If you are not a member of your local library, sign up today! They will need your support in the coming years. My next blessing was a prize I won (yup, actually WON A PRIZE) in a NFL/Pepsi sweepstakes. The prize was an autographed picture of Joe Flacco (not real popular this week, I can tell you), complete with the NFL certificate of authenticity. Bonus Christmas gift for my son! That letter of notification was also dated December 16, 2016. I say all this to state that no matter how unhappy it makes you, PLEASE Do The RIGHT Thing for the RIGHT REASONS! You may not see your blessings immediately but trust and believe that your blessings will show up. This is the law of karma, and it absolutely works! 2016 was a 9 year, a year of harvest, reaping what YOU have sown. What will you sow, starting with the new year of 2017? Be aware that you will receive everything God's has promised you. YOU Will Receive what you have sown. Sow well, my friend! Happy New Year 2017! May your year be Happy, Joyous and Prosperous in 2017! If you are interested, this link sheds more light on what to expect from a 1 year. Check it out! A Number 1 Year!