For My Sisters!

What is a sister? Well, I’m the oldest so everyone who followed me was an “extra”. But now, with two of my sisters gone, there are days like today when I miss them oh, so much!

I have no idea what brought on the weepies today. Something I was watching on TV - and there were several sisters who defended each other, lied, fought (both for and with) each other. Just normal sister stuff.

I realize there are a few ethnic groups which don’t have close relationships with their parents or siblings. Not in most black families.

I cannot imagine going weeks or years and not talking with at least one or more of my sisters. Now - the two I spoke to the most are both gone. I feel like an only child again.

Just felt the need to write a few words of how much I miss both Lisa and Patty. Especially Patty, since she was a night owl like me.

While I do the best I can to be a decent person, I am losing that battle. Hell, some days I don’t even try!

For my remaining sisters, Mel and Mer - I love you both!

Leaving y’all with a picture of me and my sisters when we were younger.

Take care and reach out to your family today. Not a single one of us has tomorrow promised.