New MOON Gemini!

Happy Birthday Geminis! It is OUR time of the year! This new moon today, June 3, 2019 is special for so many reasons.

If you have kept up, I hope you were as blessed as I was last month. Many opportunities to create income as well as cash bonuses showed up for me in May.

And now it is JUNE! Yippee!

Please take writing your intentions for abundance seriously. After all, if YOU are not serious about Your OWN life, why would anyone else be?

Here are the instructions for the June 3, 2019 New Moon Check! Write your check like it is real, because it is YOUR intention that it be so!

Instructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance  
June 2019

Blank check- leave check in checkbook
Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track)
Pay to the order of: Your Name
$ Pay in Full
On the next line write again PAY in Full!
on Memo Line: Give Thanks!
Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance!

Write with all the gratitude you can muster. If so inclined, place your check in the window overnight to really soak in the New Moon Blessings. In the morning, put that check in your most sacred space.

No matter how things appear, you are here, still breathing so stop complaining and get to creating!

Have a wonderfully blessed June! Thanks for reading!