Why I Don't Do CHEAP

“Pay attention to the difference between being cheap and being thrifty today. One is a shortsighted and mean-hearted attempt to save money; the other is a wise and fair-minded way to keep from wasting what you've worked so hard for. Your money is yours to spend however you wish, but don't skimp on the wrong things. Being a bad tipper isn't going to get you closer to your savings goal-but it might get you some poor service the next time you go back to that restaurant.”

This was my astrology message for today, after a week of stewing over a situation I find myself in.

Many times, I volunteer my services when I see someone needs assistance. For the most part, this never works to my detriment, until now.

A recent situation has found me on the losing end of what should be a win/win situation.

As a volunteer, I am on MY time, not yours. In specific circumstances, like being a Reading Partner, I sign up for a designated day and time weekly. See, My Time.

However, if I offered to assist you in an office and you no longer HAVE an office, contacting me with ridiculous requests is just fucking annoying.

One should possess certain basic skills when running a business. When you don’t have those skills, you shouldn’t depend on a series of kind hearted volunteers or needy interns to complete your work cycle. After all, this is not my business, so why am I being tasked with the craziest demands?

This week, it was a request to file a tax extension. That’s right. A fucking tax extension! I have never made much on my side hustles but have ALWAYS had an accountant. ALWAYS. It is one of the COSTS of doing BUSINESS.

So, when I read my horoscope today, I realized just how much this shit bothered me, so thought I would take to the keyboard to express my frustration.

What will I do about this situation? I have no idea, but the requests have gotten much fewer as my attitude has gotten more negative.

Not trying to be hard hearted but damn, cut a sister some slack. Volunteer means I am helping from the goodness of my heart, NOT to save your cheap a$$ some MONEY!

End of rant!

Please enjoy this blessed Easter weekend. I hope the weather improves for all of us!