Pisces New Moon / Ash Wednesday

Today is a bonanza! The New Moon is here as well as the start of Lent, Ash Wednesday. While I haven’t posted in a while, I could not let this day pass without reaching out and encouraging you to get your ass in gear and plan out your next 6 months, with wings at your back.

This is a most auspicious and blessed time, in spite of Mercury being retrograde. Pay attention to ALL messages, dreams, intuitions and changes in reality. While you may really want one thing, pay attention to the lessons of the moment when things don’t quite go your way.

As I have offered before, use the new moon to set your course, for the month and the next 6 months, especially during Lent, another high spiritual season.

I am so excited by the possibilities while being cautious about what could possibly go wrong. Don’t bother to answer that, but make sure your phone AND computer are backed up. Tonight!

Here are the steps to writing the new moon check!

Instructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance  
March 2019!

Blank check- leave check in checkbook
Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track)
Pay to the order of: Your Name
$ Pay in Full
On the next line write again PAY in Full!
on Memo Line: Give Thanks!
Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance!

Please write your check with the highest intentions with love and light. Put your check in the window overnight, to soak up the rays and energy of this amazing new moon. Remove in the morning with gratitude for all the blessings winging your way!

May God and the Angels continue to bless and keep you and yours. See you soon!