Light Warriors UNITE!

For light Warriors, the September's New Moon (September 9, 2018)  offers greater financial flow, ease, power and grace.

This New Moon opens the gates of heaven if you have done the tasks necessary to elevate your spiritual work. Have you released all that no longer serves you? This can be material things, relationships, jobs, even your current home. No need to fear, there is MORE awaiting you than you can possibly imagine. 

My prayer and hope is, in spite of my neglect of this site, you HAVE continued writing and meditating on the new moon each month to create the support you deserve to achieve what you have been sent here to create/achieve or manifest. 

We are all "required" to be of service to others. Not many heed the call. Some view spiritual work as ordained, others view it as a means to extract the highest possible price from those less aware, less grounded, less sure of where they stand on their personal spiritual journeys.

My opinion is, no one NEEDS a spiritual coach, guru, teacher or preacher. What is needed is a person, or group of people who understand your goals and will support you in reaching them. When you have love as a base, you can achieve everything you work for and desire.

Notice I said WORK. Growing spiritually is WORK. It requires dedication to something that cannot be seen, only felt. It requires sacrifices, large and small. 

It requires each of us to be HONEST; with ourselves because we cannot be honest with others until we are honest with ourselves.

What goals did you set this year? Have your goals and dreams changed? Mine certainly did and have. 

Use this weekend to crystallize EXACTLY what it is you will do this year to move yourself forward - in every way possible. 

Are you willing? Will you do the work? Will you be a warrior for the Light? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Come back tomorrow to prepare for yet another amazing New Moon Check for abundance!

Be blessed in all you do!