Angel Wings Travel

While most folks consider January the first month of the year, my life has taught me the first month of MY year begins in June. My birthday month. This birthday had quite a few tricks up it's sleeve. For example, I consider myself retired, but just began two new business ventures. One I am going to LOVE!

Since the list of things I love include great food, reading, beaches and wine - what do all these things have in common. TRAVEL!

Yes indeed! I am now a travel agent and excited to begin the next step in my journey. While travel has been on my mind, specifically beginning this year with at least one trip annually, being a travel agent might seem to be a stretch.

Let me help you with that leap. I am my family's go to person for researching and arranging our travel events. As I pondered on where I would go next year, that light bulb popped on. So, I researched for three weeks until I found a perfect host agency.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Angel Wings Travel! Please check us out and feel free to contact me with your travel needs.