Loss of a Beloved Cat Part 1

kitty noir1


Kitty Noir

Many of us who practice spirituality understand pets are more than mere animals. When you own a cat, this is apparent from the very beginning.

Since cats are not domesticated, they very wildness is what defines our relationships. The relationship is always on their terms. So when I found a cat who was loving, funny and a ferocious mouse catcher, I was in love.

kitty favorite spot.jpg

To be honest, his name should have been Shadow. He was the 3rd black cat I owned, the 2nd male. However, I never met a cat who was so openly loving from the time he was a kitten.

He demanded I hold him most of the day. When I was building my first website way back in 2004, He would sit on my lap for hours sleeping, waking, holding my face with both paws and offering kitty kisses.

I never knew a cat could or would act like this. My female cats were all beautiful, but not really attached. Kitty was attached at the hip!

sleeping kitty.jpg

We has a dog when he joined the household. Astro was a Schnauzer/Poodle mix, a very cute mutt. It took Kitty less than a day to define exactly who was in charge.

He then proceeded to let the mice who had attempted to take over the house know the house was now his and they would deal with him directly.

Though still a kitten, he took on all comers, including what must have been the oldest mouse in the house, a sturdy big thing who reared up on his hind legs to challenge Kitty Noir! The ensuing battle woke the entire house and though Kitty was too small to kill him, he did manage to wound him enough for us to catch and flush him. That mouse was so big, it took several flushes and pouring water in the toilet to get rid of him. That battle earned us a mouse free house for several years. While some foolish mice attempted to breach our walls, none survived to tell the tale.

We can finish this up on my next post. Thank you for reading on the exploits of Kitty Noir!

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