Kitty Noir Part 2

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I won’t bore you with Kitty Noir’s entire life. What I will say is, he saw me through the loss of my husband and 2 of my sisters, both cat lovers.

While he never cared for my husband, he loved my baby sister. He thought he was part of the family and everyone else in the family was here to make him happy. For the most part, we complied.

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He was quite talkative as well. I was guaranteed a response if I talked to him or was just talking on the phone. When he heard a voice, he responded. He came when he was called and thought he possessed the super power of healing.

I saw him heal what appeared to be a tumor on his side. I could feel it and attempted to take him to the vet, but it was during the time I was ill. I just couldn’t catch his ass. I spent a lot of that time at my mom’s but insisted on coming home often to sleep with my cat. It was during this time I noticed him licking his side until I actually saw the tumor. Quite disturbing too.

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He licked and licked it until it came up through his skin into his fur. From there I have no idea where it went. I never saw it again and it was no longer under his skin.

The years saw Kitty slowing down, but he could and did still catch those mice ignorant enough to challenge his skills. He learned early on that I NEVER wanted to be presented with his kills, so he would keep his distance and preen himself until I looked up and saw his catch of the day. He was always so damn proud of himself!

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I loved Kitty Noir almost from birth to death. He left so suddenly, it created more pain. He died from seizures that would not stop. He had been such a wonderful, handsome boy and did not deserve the pain inflicted upon him in that final hour.

Our family will miss him for a very long time. He used to growl when someone was outside, waited patiently for me to wake each morning and I never fooled him by “acting” like I was sleeping. He always knew. He knew the suitcase meant I was leaving and he treated me with the appropriate disdain. However, as he got older, he no longer ignored me for days, instead, choosing to give me love as soon as I returned home.

The house is too still, too quiet right now. To be fair, there are 3 cats outside we feed, but it is not the same. The Savages, as I call them kill anything moving. At this point in time, I don’t think the mice have a change of entry. They have to get past our new sentinels.

Thank you for letting me share my love of my beloved cat. There will never be another like Kitty Noir!

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