December New Moon of Love Lost

This week brought the pain of losing my furbaby, best friend, my cat Kitty Noir. He had been with me for 14 years. This week hurt. Kitty meditated with me, tried to heal me and offered the best kind of companionship, that of unconditional love. I will share more about my best bud in Sunday’s post as well as a slew of pictures!

Right now, I want you focused on this amazing new moon. While my heart is heavy, I am totally aware of the blessings hurtling my way and fully intend to take advantage of every, single one.

The New Moon is TODAY! You have till December 8, 2018 to write your check. So Just Do It!

This month offers abundance and clarity in what is required to move forward, decisively in 2019. What have you put in motion, back burnered or given up on? Is it truly “over” or simply dormant? Choose Your Own Options, act as if they are your new reality and do the Work required, as needed and without doubt as to your outcome and goals. Stay in Now Time, Stay Grateful and act as if you know..

Instructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance  
December 2018!

Blank check- leave check in checkbook
Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track)
Pay to the order of: Your Name
$ Pay in Full
On the next line write again PAY in Full!
on Memo Line: Give Thanks!
Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance!

Please place your check in a window to absorb the new moon energies. In the morning, remove and place in your sacred space with the intentions that all will be in perfect Divine Order!

The holiday season is truly upon us. As I mourn the loss of Kitty, I also welcome new members of our family. Lots of boys being born! While not rushing into another pet, I feel another cat will soon present himself, just as Kitty Noir did. He found us and demanded we take him in!

Enjoy the blessings of the season and share kindness, joy and laughter wherever you go. That is the blessing every December brings. Use it and share it!

Thanks for reading the December new moon check for abundance, 2018!