The Way We See Ourselves

We seldom see ourselves the way others see us. I know, folks have attributed a bunch of character traits I’ve never considered, and a few I excel in.

I’ve been called fearless (I’m not), angry (I’m not), bossy (yup), organized (nope), straight shooter (yup), you get the drift.

However, my beautiful Aunt Nat, who I adored shared her view of me; one that I never saw in myself and would have never believed anyone could or would see in me. It offered me a perspective on myself, my worth and worthiness to be the best and surround myself with the best people I can find - or who find me. Why? Because I AM WORTH IT!

When my aunt turned 70 her sons (and my gorgeous cousins) gave her a party weekend for the ages. We gathered on Friday, left on Monday and had a wonderful time. She even arranged a place for us to stay as well as all the transportation we needed.

Brunch was at The Breakers - the definition of fabulous. Anytime I can have everything I could ever want to eat and champagne on demand, count me in. That included several kinds of caviar, all manner of seafood and lobster salad. Just Fabulous.

Aunt Nat’s birthday is November 26th. Almost December. So, of course, her party favors were also Christmas gifts. What she gave each of us were candles with a message attached for the scent.

While there were several duplicate scents, I was the only one who received Jasmine. Her message to me was the following:

And for your candle – Jasmine is a rare and special flower with a memorable scent.  Only those with a heightened sense of smell will choose and appreciate it.  The same is true of you and your spirit.

 Much Love,
Aunt Nat”

I share this because I just found it last night, while deleting old, OLD emails. This is from 2008! Can you imagine how powerful a reminder it was for me to just be me? My Aunt Nat passed away years ago, and yet, she is still here, reminding me not to shrink or dim my light for anyone, nor settle for less. It’s a lesson that takes years to internalize and often comes back into focus whenever I feel unfairly treated. It is also a great reminder that I am NOT the normal, girl next door. I’m a lot more and need to remember, not everyone can or will appreciate me. I’ll bet, if you’re reading this, the same applies to you.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this holiday weekend!

Special thanks to the author of this post -  Debra Bokur   on the site Healing

Special thanks to the author of this post - Debra Bokur on the site Healing