November New Moon 2018

Here we are in the 11 month of an 11 year. If you are like me, you may find yourself in a totally unexpected, yet delightful space. I am amazed at what this year has brought me and cannot wait to see what 2019 brings. But enough about me.

I hope you have been using your time wisely, grounding, meditating and allowing yourself enough time to rest, relax and reflect. We live in challenging times. No need to impose more upon ourselves than necessary. Strive to be and do the Best You Can in the MOMENT. Got it?

The New Moon was technically yesterday but you still have time to write your check TODAY! Just Do It! Use the power of this month to manifest you true desires for what is in Your Highest Interests! Write your check with your purest intentions. You want to see only the purest results, correct? Do you part to ensure you get exactly what you desire!

Instructions for your New Moon Check For Abundance  
November 2018!

Blank check- leave check in checkbook
Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track)
Pay to the order of: Your Name
$ Pay in Full
On the next line write again PAY in Full!
on Memo Line: Give Thanks!
Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance!

Please place your check in a window to absorb the new moon energies. In the morning, remove and place in your sacred space with the intentions that all will be in perfect Divine Order!

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Thanksgiving! I may have time to create a Thanksgiving post, but just in case…

Thanks for reading the November New Moon Check for Abundance!