Weekly Angel Card May 10, 2015

Weekly Angel Card Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by:Doreen Virtue SELF-Forgiveness!!!!!!! When I pulled this as our angel card of the week, I received a flood of information. So, let's get to it, shall we? Do Not let regrets over past decisions get in your way or hold you back any longer. You cannot fly with shackles of guilt, fear, or self judgment regarding past events or situations. KNOW that you did the best you could at that time. Let the rest go! Stop holding your future hostage to past actions you cannot alter.Forgive every particle of your heart, mind and being. Release and forgive, first yourself and then any "others." self forgiveness angel card Breath in Love, Exhale guilt Breath in Love, Exhale fear Breath in Love, Exhale grief Breath in Love, Exhale shame Breath in Love, Exhale negative emotions Breath in Love, Exhale negative situations Breath in Love and hold that love in your heart. Exhale. Breath in. Fill your body with love, light and joy. Exhale. Release any and all self-judgment and negative self talk. Be kind to yourself! Repeat as necessary! While this often occurs when I do an actual reading, this is the first time this torrent of information rained down on "our" behalf. Every weekly angel card I pull for you is just as relevant for me. I hope this helps you release and move forward. We are in "All Hands On Deck" mode. We need everyone to be operating at their peak capacity, to bring light, love, joy and HOPE to others in these Now times! This is especially true for our business owners and spiritual healers. We need you to be the clear channel you volunteered to be! Thank you for reading the weekly angel card. I hope this information assists you in releasing and forgiving yourself. See you next week!