psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings

psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings

Angel Card Services

***Angel Card Readings will be discontinued sometime this year.While I don't have a definitive date, I am sure my angels will answer the question of WHEN - when the time is appropriate. While I knew starting two business ventures meant something would be ended, it was not until I was on the site today, checking traffic and how many folks signed up for the RSS feed that I decided the site is too valuable to shut down. However, offering readings is something I can control. I will update you as soon as I can. In the meantime, IF you have been debating a reading, sooner rather than later would be appreciated!***

Got questions? Your angels share personal answers! Got problems? Your angels offer tangible solutions! Would you like the most important information accessible to you right now to be shared in a gentle and loving way?

I am happy to assist you today! An angel card reading is a perfect vehicle to shed light on your current situation. You may ask yourself "Why Angels?" Frank Borga from Signs of Angels answers this question succinctly and gracefully. Read his answer on Ask Frank's Peeps!

I am here to assist you in a safe, loving and non-judgmental way. Angels offer gentle guidance with specific instructions as to how to access your breakthrough, attain your next spiritual level, or answer your most heartfelt question. I have helped many people over the years and would love to assist you. What is your question? Is there an issue where clarity is required? How is this issue affecting your life? What is it costing you in time, energy or actual money? Are you at a crossroads and would love a little guidance or light upon your path?

An intuitive reading with your angels will open the door to information you need today! Your Angels love you and want you to achieve your goals in the most direct and "easiest" way possible. Requesting a General reading is the perfect way to gauge where you are and what needs to be done as you move through your spiritual journey. Ask and it shall be given! Your angel card reading will be emailed within 48 hours, not including Sundays. You will receive a detailed Word document for your records.Today is a great day to request your Angel Card Reading! Here is a portion of my latest testimonial. Should you wish to read in it's entirety, please click the link to be taken to the angel card reading testimonial page below. Thanks so much!
Debbie Mancini Testimonial
Holy heck! Michelle just did a long-distance reading for me since we are in different states, and I don’t know why, but I expected a weak reading, certainly not because of any doubt in her abilities, but more because of a nagging feeling that I had to be there in person in order to have a strong connection, and thus, a good reading. Boy, was I wrong! I was very wrong! Michelle was thorough and spot-on in the areas which I was hoping to tune in to. I was amazed that she did not even touch upon areas which are not a concern for me right now. Her reading was definitive. She stayed on task, even when she stated twice that certain cards showed up in an odd order. Although it was puzzling to her in the moment, she persisted, and then it fell into place. The messages were strong, clear, and concise. Continue Reading *************************************************************************************************************
You may request a 3 card review (single deck), a 10 card "Celtic Cross" review(single deck) or a 6 card rainbow reading. For those who know Tarot, Celtic Cross is a very detailed and accurate overview. My recommendations are any reading can be used for general questions. For a general overview, the 3 card reading is perfect. When you are seeking specific answers, guidance and/or action steps, the 10 Card Celtic Cross is ideal. You may use the 6 card rainbow reading to give you more detail than the 3 card, not as much as the 10 card. I created a 12 (month) annual spread as a special request only. To receive information on pricing as well as a detailed chart of what the reading will look like, please contact me below using Baker's Dozen as your subject line. This reading will best be utilized in January or on your actual birth date.

I am an avid believer in reading online testimonials and reviews. Most are very helpful in determining what items I purchase and occasionally do NOT purchase! In that spirit, I am overjoyed to offer you my Angel Card Reading Testimonials! To read my reviews and testimonials, please below for Testimonials!

Are you ready to receive your angel card reading? Trust yourself and your angels. I look forward to assisting you with guidance and enlightenment!

In full disclosure, I must include the revelation that Dr. Doreen Virtue is no longer an angel card reader. In fact, she requested all her future earnings be donated to charity which is great! Please check this out if it is of interest to you.

As for myself, I have no conflicts with worshiping a loving God and his only son Jesus the Christ. Let's not forget the Holy Spirit which completes the Holy Trinity. All expressions of faith are valid. We are the ONLY ones who have to answer to God for our own actions!  I love Doreen's cards and will continue using them. While I don't feel it necessary to have been thrown under the bus, if it helps her reach a much broader audience of "Christians" so be it...

Thank you for your open-hearted embrace of your Angel's messages for you. Your request can be general or specific. Angel Cards are "funny" in that no matter what you ASK, they will always ANSWER with exactly what you need to know, right NOW! Mermaid Dolphin Oracle Cards Magical Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle Cards is the deck for revealing your opportunities for manifestation and miracles. These cards show you blockages and opportunities. They are not called Magical for nothing! Be aware that you create your reality and these cards allow you to fully embrace all the possibilities around you! Angel Tarot Cards Tarot Cards have 21 Major Arcana cards and 4 Suits of the Minor Arcana. Fire: Ideas and inspiration Water: The depths of our emotions Air: Intellect Earth: The Material World Romance Angels! Feeling stuck in your relationships? The Romance Cards are the go to angel card deck! All card decks are by Doreen Virtue with Radleigh Valentine for Angel Tarot. My other decks include Angels Of Abundance and Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Goddess Guidance cards are especially powerful for spiritually aware women warriors of Light! I always ASK which deck offers the best message for you!

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Disclaimer: These readings are for personal enlightenment and "entertainment" only. Please do not share medical symptoms, as I have no medical background. Should you feel there is something going on with your physical body, please see your medical doctor. TRUST your instincts and your knowledge of yourself enough to ask for additional information. As a caveat, sending additional information should only be done with the most trustworthy of advisers. While you can ask for a specific answer, the best way to get an accurate reading for your situation is to be open to the message received. What you perceive as being important may not be so important to your angels. There is a saying "Will this issue be important next month, next year or five years from now?" Also, receiving the same info or message is not a reflection of the Angel Card reader, but an indication of work still to be done. The term "Spiritual Development" indicates that WORK on self is the keystone to success!

Your Angel Card Reading will always reveal your specific needs, what your angels require you to know, right now. Please take advantage of every opportunity for self growth and discovery. It is "why" we are here. Your Angels are sent to assist, guard, guide and protect you. However, you control how much guidance you are open to receive. All you ever need to do is ASK! I look forward to being of service in any way I can. Peace be with you and yours! Namaste!

 Thank you for requesting your angel card reading!

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