Weekly Angel Card January 11, 2015

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Weekly Angel Card January 11, 2015

Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards
by:Doreen Virtue

Divine Magic!
Helpful Person

Whenever Divine Magic appears, I know that the angels are speaking to my current issues, problems, fears or hopes. This is a beautiful angel card, complete with a starlight night, a fairy granting wishes and a mermaid open and expecting miracles! Divine Magic speaks to the NEXT card pulled, therefore this week there is a bonus card. As I have stated before, the Mermaid and Dolphin deck lean strongly toward manifestations. Sunday was January 11, 2015 or 1-11 – another angel number regarding keeping your thoughts positive and increasing your ability to manifest. What this week offers are magical solutions to human problems! Rejoice!

angel card Divine Magic

Divine Magic

In particular, Divine Magic asks that you pay attention to the next card, in this case a Helpful Person. This week, be aware of any inspired or coincidental meetings or phone calls. There is a person who will be divinely inspired to assist you in reaching your goals. BE Nice because you never know how this gift will appear!
angel card helpful person

Angel Card (Mermaids and Dolphins) Helpful Person

Your situation (and mine) are now surrounded by magical opportunities. So, go out, smile, be seen and offer your services and talents to others this week. Be open to receiving the help you deserve. Be willing to Give in order to Receive!

Thank you for reading my angel card for January 11, 2015!

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