Weekly Angel Card September 7, 2014

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Weekly Angel Card September 7, 2014

Weekly Angel Card
Magical Mermaids and Dolphins

by: Doreen Virtue

Watch Your Thoughts!

Watch Your Thoughts is the Angel Card that usually shows up in the midst of a bunch of bull, swirling around our heads. Chatter, gossip, war mongering, racial hatred all have been in the headlines for the last several weeks. Angel cards are used for both direction and inspiration. This card provides both.

Angel Card - Magical Mermaid and Dolphins

Watch Your Thoughts by Doreen Virtue

The Angels implore those of us who KNOW better to be better. When that negative, nasty and hateful thought crosses your mind (heaven forbid it actually crosses your lips), please mentally our out loud say “CANCEL CANCEL!”

While not exactly a magic wand, your effort to retract and limit the damage does lets God and the Universe know that YOU know better. And are doing your best to Be Better.

Another aspect of this card (and deck) is manifestation. This is one of the best decks for assisting in manifesting your dreams. The trick for this is to only imagine (think upon, dwell upon) that which you Desire, not that which you Fear. No more “worst case scenerios.” It is extra important now to mind your thoughts, to stay on track and keep your intentions pure and honorable.

I have been neglecting my blog of late. Will get myself back in the groove real soon! I just need the TIME to do this!
Thank you for spending your time reading the Angel Card of the Week!
Be Amazed!

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