Weekly Angel Card September 6, 2015

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Weekly Angel Card September 6, 2015

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins
by:Doreen Virtue
Father Healing

This week’s angel card is Father Healing. By drawing this card, the energies of this week affirm that some daddy issues still exist. While they maybe quite subtle, pay attention to how much lack you feel is in your life. Do you feel you have a lack of friendship, money or opportunities? The Universal energy of dad is male, expansive and giving. Mother energy is feminine, nurturing and receptive. When we are “unhealed” in our relationship with our father, the world seems ungenerous and unsupportive. When we have unhealed mother issues, we find it difficult to accept the gifts and blessings the Universe offers.

angel card, father healing

“Your Personal Power increases as you give any daddy issues to Heaven”

The healing process can be swift when your intent is pure. Forgive your father and release any negative feelings from your heart and mind. Your dad served to spiritually and physically bring you into the flesh. Now, you have the ability to choose and create the life you want, without baggage, doubt or fear. I know it is not easy, but how many things of value are?

In God, our true father’s universe, all you want is yours to claim. Be open to receive your rightful bounty – open your mind, your heart and your arms to receive all that is yours as your true, Divine Inherintance!
“To Be without is not His will. There’s cattle on a thousand hills. They are ALL YOURS TO CLAIM – So claim them in His Holy Name” From: Say Amen! See the you tube link below if you are feeling the flow…

Affirm Out Loud: “I NOW focus on the love that is the spirtual truth of my father and I hereby balance any karma between us. I NOW let go of everything but the love and the lessons of my relationship (or non relationship) with my father”

Thanks for reading the angel card of the week.. See you next week!

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