Weekly Angel Card July 19, 2015

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Weekly Angel Card July 19, 2015

Weekly Angel Card
Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards
by:Doreen Virtue

This week’s angel card is asking you to take the time to make a few play dates with your friends. Enjoy the weather, get outside and have some good old fashioned fun!

Angel Card Friendship

Friendship – Mermaids and Dolphins

It is especially important to have balance in your life, all work and no play makes you a drag to be around. There are so many activities to participate in, even when your funds are running low. Sign up to be notified of festivals, craft shows, food events (yummy), wine tastings, especially at a winery, etc. Grab a friend and get outside!

Use your free time to laugh and play. Laughing with a friend, old or new brings you back to who you were when you were you! I think that is a commercial, but the feeling of welcoming YOU back to yourself is kinda amazing! Do not take yourself for granted. Get out and have some FUN! I give you permission to let loose and enjoy yourself!

Thanks for reading the angel card of the week! See you soon!

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