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Today’s Angel Message

Today’s Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.

God dear ones, loves you. We love you. We want to assist you in creating beautiful lives, filled with grace, but we cannot by our very design interfere with your lessons here upon the earth. And so dear friends, when you find yourself in trying times, instead of asking, “God why are you doing this to me? Angels where are you?” better to ask yourself, “Where am I?” “Where have I been missing in my own life?” “Where am I not listening to my heart?” “What inner knowings have I ignored?” Try not to think your way through the answers dear ones, but rather feel your way through them. For the heart is the central point of existence, and it is the flow of love through your life that will dictate all other circumstances.

When your money is low, ask yourself, “Am I feeling poor, or do I feel the abundance of God?” If you can look around with gratitude and feel the abundance all around you, give thanks for it, and know that you are indeed already rich in many ways, then you will find your circumstances improving.

When things do not yet look as you wish, ask yourself, “Am I feeling abandoned by God because I have not gotten my way yet?” Or can you instead, say, “God must be up to very good things in my life.” “I am convinced that this love that created the universe has heard my prayers and as I learn and grow, all will be brought to me that supports my true joy, in divine timing.”

When you do not feel well, do you say, “Ok, I am resigned to be sick and tired here? God fix me!” Or rather are you willing to stop, and say, “What has been unwell in my mind and heart?” Do you need to reach out for comfort, for care, for assistance?

Dear ones you can find the love of God in each and every situation no matter how challenging. You can drop into your heart and feel the messages your soul wants you to hear. We, the angels, do not dictate or control your lives. We respond only to the desires of the soul – the very desires that God, the presence of love in the entire universe, has planted within them. We serve on God, one Love, one Spirit, and dear ones you do too, whether you realize it or not. It is in giving thanks for and cooperating with the spirit of love that your circumstances will be transformed.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
– The Angels

With much love,
Ann Albers
Author, lecturer, angel communicator. Visit her site at:

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  1. Hi Heron,In the month or so I have been frequenting R S I have apicerpated you way of sharing. I suspect that many who regularly frequent this forum live with depression. I suspect that excessive computer use can be a hindrance to recovery I share that from personal experience. I can sit down at the computer for 15 minutes, and get up 4 hours later. During that time I consider myself connected\’ but I fear that it is more of a disconnection. As to a spiritual practice simplification.- Exercise (as a number of people have mentioned) This can be a brisk walk of 45 minutes of so.- Nutrition avoid anything processed. You don\’t have to get fancy PB J, fruit, etc- Disconnect from media. I suspect this will be a challange for you, but it could be a powerful piece. Make a decision to turn it all off for a week.- BREATH focus on your breath. Breath in for a four count, and out for a 6 (or count. Do this whenever you think about it, sitting, walking, reading, everything. In a post from yesterday I shared a Buddist meditation ( your question about trying buddhism for a week) It is by Thich Nhat Hanh in his book the miricle of mindfulness.Love and Light

    • No clue who HERON is, but this appears to be a very valid message. I just unplugged from news, politics and the web for 5 days. What you loss in the false sense of connection you gain in clarity. Love the message, even if I am unsure about the messenger! Be blessed and thanks for reading.

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